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  Q: Can I obtain a Tibet Permit from you?
A: We will arrange the Tibet Permit for you if you book a tour with us.

  Q: How much does the TTB permit cost? Which is the legal issuing organization?
A: According to TTB, from Jul.1st, 2007, a new edition of TTB permit will be issued, with no charge itself. And it can not be issued by the offices of Tibet in China now, while TTB is the only legal issuing organization.

  Q: Does each individual in a group need a separate permit or only does the group get one that covers everybody? Can we hold the permits ourselves and use them privately? Are copies of the permit valid?
A: Everyone in a group tour will get a permit, and it can be kept individually. However, individuals are not allowed to travel independently in Tibet with the permit, and the copy of the permit is not valid anywhere.

  Q: Should I obtain the visa or the Tibet travel permits first?
A: Usually a visa is easy to obtain when you have a passport, and after confirming your visa of China the Tibet travel permits can be handled easily.

 Q: If I plan a tour into Tibet, the central land of China and Katmandu, which kind of documents shall I obtain? How shall I arrange the tour?
A: In whatever way, the basic documents you need are the Tibet travel permit, and the visas for both China and Nepal.

If you enter Tibet from Katmandu, you need to get the Tibet travel permits first, and then, regardless whether you have the Chinese Visa or not, you need to acquire a paper visa or have your travel permits stamped in the Chinese Embassy in Katmandu.    

If you enter Katmandu from China, you can obtain the Nepalese Visa in the Nepalese Embassy in Beijing or Lhasa, while the latter is easier. Be prepared to spend two or three days to arrange the documents. As to the procedures, Central China-Tibet-Katmandu is a better choice for you.

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I am preparing my trip to Tibet and nepal for next summer.
any suggestion ??
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sandro amorati


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