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Topic: How to collect valuable Tangka?

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Topic: How to collect valuable Tangka?

Posted: 2007-12-22 21:13:09


 Author: ELLEN

Tangka is distinctive scroll painting of Tibet made of silk or cloth. It is the treasure of Tibetans. In the recent years with the incresing recognization of Tibet, many people are interested to collect this kind of handicraft.
However, as how to select the valuable ones, it is still a bland point. Many think that the older is the more valuable. The fact is not as such.

As to the times of the Tangka, those before the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)remain few in China now and are expensive and valuable. More are made in the later Qing Dyansty (1644-1912). However, the value of them are not all high. You should be careful when choosing this period of Tangkas. These ones generally cost several thousand CNY and not more than CNY 10,000.

choose the following kinds of the Thangka of this period: those made or collected by the royal palace;
those on special subject, such as Tibetan medicine;
those made of broider or Chinese silk tapestry with cut designs (Kesi).

The most of thangkas are made in the contemporary period. Most of people they are not worthy. In fact, the art of thangka are kept from generation to generation and reaches to a new height now. Works of those great artists, such as Ci Dan Lang Jie, Xia Wu cai Lang and Jiu Mei Ni Ma, always worth tens even hundreds of thousand CNY. The larger ones even cost one million.


 Author: LAUREL

2007-12-25 04:02:05

Hi Ellen, sounds good!
But can you tell me what Tangka is? How nice is it?


 Author: ELLEN

2007-12-25 04:03:10

Yes, it is a wonderful art of Tibet. You can look through this articel, with detailed intro. and pictures.