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Topic: Tibet travel activity--the full edition

Posted: 2006-05-29 05:35:28

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2006-05-29 05:35:28 GMT-5

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I publicize this activity for my friend,
and you are welcome to contact with me---a Tibet fan for Tibet information
my MSN: wangxiaojie906@hotmail.com

this edition includes English and Chinese, and pictures that cannot be showed here,and welcome to contact with me to obtain these pictures!
and if you could read Chinese, you could procure the Chinese edition,which is more understandable than this one!

Walk into a life, walk into nature, walk into thous all, walk into plateau, walk into Tibet

This route is the experienced exploration traveler design, if have already turned into other uses, please tell, thank.
Activity time:June 20th in 2006, expiration date:Control according to time play, unlimited make
Movable aim:Emphasize life, the professional walks in the change destiny
Movable slogan:The body moved, the heart was far already, letting our environmental protection
Movable meaning:Push the green consumption, do the biggest affair with the minimal funds
(such as not airplane, don't charter car etc. method trip)Movable personnel's quantity:For the sake of the safe and better management, the control is in 12 people
The activity constitutes the way and responsibility:This activity is constitute by the friend of each profession of the passion trip, having no business behavior, do not take any expenses, the responsibility was complacent, the friend who has a heart attack attend, because of wanting to go green hide plateau
Movable expenses:Strict AA system, all items are AA systems
Attention:The following 1.2 etc. the numeral doesn't represent to use of the day count
1, in China most Davao Islands of the south gather.From(Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau) fly to arrive Davao Islands.
??The At sea south contents:the The ① participates a personnel to know mutually, the and participate a personnel an election origin a time self-help a tour the a movable the group a the senior clerk the in this time, after
Frequently senior clerk, finance senior clerk, medical treatment the senior clerk wait
2, Seaport-湛 river-Xian
??Does the seaport multiply by a big BA CHE to arrive a 湛 river?Ticket+food and drink?Person/100 dollar RMB
??湛 The river-Xian need in the 武昌 to turn a car
??The The 湛 River-武昌 have 2 kinds of projects, choosing it at that time according to the circumstance a.
① ???The The The mileage is 1539 kilometerseses, the the 1562 timeses of multiplying by, the the delivering the car time to 13:30 centseses, the the common and new express train, the the free adjust, the the last 22 hours the for 44 minuteseses, the the arrive the time of the 武昌 the as next day 12:10 centseses, price hard 161 dollar RMB.
② ???The The The mileage is 1539 kilometerseses, the the multiplying by a K158 timeses, the the delivering the car time to 16:24 centseses, the the the air condition car, the the last 22 hours for 44 minuteseses, the the arriving the time of the the 武 the 昌 as the next day 14:42 centseses, price hard 182 dollar RMB.
The The 武昌 -Xian has 2 kinds of projects, choosing it at that time according to the circumstance a.
① ???The mileage is 1047 kilometers, multiplying by a K244 times, delivering the car time to 15:07 cents, the air condition car, last 14 hours 49 cents, time that arrives Xian is a dawn of next day 05:56 cents, price 117 dollar RMB.
② ???The mileage is 1047 kilometers, multiplying by a N358, delivering the car time to 16:05 cents, common and new express train,free adjust, last 15 hours 10 cents, time that arrives Xian is a next morning 7:15 cents.Price 117 dollar RMB.
3, Stop for the night international youth hotel in Xian, we can have 4 kinds of choices, in advance the telephone contact that cheapness,
That can send a car to pick us up, we choose that!
??The Plentiful 禾 in Xian international youth hotel(fenghe?youth?Hostel), train station 9 road cars arrive plentiful
The The 禾 Road, the 200 meterseses of the walk, telephone 029-86240349, the the price is 35-60,
Academy international youth hotel(shuyuan?youth?hostel)?, The address train station multiply by 603 the south doors get off, the city wall root faces west 20 meters, telephone:029-87287720, 87287721?.Price:40-120.
Guest house in Green island(ludao?Hotel), the train station west is eight roads, the train station gets off five minutes on foot, telephone:029-87420308, 82101222(ticket).Price is 25-120.(The free train station send under guard)
Self-help family hotel in Xian, 029-68983089, 50-120.
4, The ① has a meal to complete in the morning in Xian, rest whole adjust under reason, ask local experienced donkey friend to take us to play ancient Xian city, the clock building, big 燕 tower(the 慈 boon temple admission ticket 25 dollars/person), ascend tower 20 dollars/person, great Tang's lotus park etc..晚上在钟楼小吃一条街FB。
③ ???The The Start on journey the to go the to the the dry 陵 the and the the method door the temple early the in the the the morning, the the multiply the by the the a tour the the special the line the the car in the the the the train station 12 the dollars/persons the the arrive the dry 陵 , the the the the admission the the ticket is 32 dollarseses, the the student ticket half-price 16 dollarseses;Complete to multiply by a Mr. The The to the hand over the a bus 1 dollar/person, the the arrive the always the the 泰 princess' the last home, the 22 dollarseses/person the of admission ticket, the 11 dollarseses of the half-price;the the Rents a car, 15 dollarseses/person, the the arrive the the method the door a temple, the 28 dollarseses/person the of admission ticket, half-price 14 dollarseses;the the Complete the to the the multiply by the the a the big BA HUI2 Xian, the the about the an hour, the the ticket the price is 15, the the it the is the the said the the last bus is 5.30, so we want to don't rush through a night early as possible.
④ ???The The Multiply by 306 special the the lines at 8:00 A.M.ses, 5 dollarseses/person, the the get the off the the to walk 15 minutes the the to the is the the Qin Shi the the huang's the terra cotta warrior, the 90 dollarseses/person the of admission ticket, student 45 dollarseses/person, the the go the to the the of time the the we the prepare the the some lunches the the by ourselves, the the because the the the the inside buy the the of the eat the the of especially expensive;Complete 5 dollarseses/person, the the arrive the the 郦 mountain, the consider a the reasonable allotment the of physical strength, the on the the cableway walk next, the 30 dollarseses/person of admission ticket, half-price 15 dollarseses/person, cableway 25 dollarseses/person, the climb the the war signal pedestal about 45 minuteseses, have the 郦 mountain to slip 索 10 on the way.Complete to return Xian, probably also is 5 dollarses/person, a get to Xian after hour.
⑤ ???The The Rest the whole material, the the prepare to start on journey, the the consider later Qing Lake with Tibet of route of travel, the 陕 west Hua Mountain temporarily gives up to climb.
a)???The The The state of ① Xian-兰 , the the the mileage is 676 kilometerseses, the the multiplying by a K419 times, the the delivering the the car the time to 13:27 the cents, the the the the air condition car, the the last for 8 hourseses 3 separatelieses, the the arrive the the 兰 the state the the time is the the an evening 21:30 centseses, the the price the hard for 87.The Seek in the 兰 state 40-80 of room accommodation, the 兰 state and periphery that study the second day take a trip the purpose plan.
③ ???The The The the 兰 the the state that the the eats the the the the 著 in the the the the morning the the pulls noodles, the the arriving the the the the 兰 state the the water the cart park, the the winning the the the the mountain bridge, the the solemn temple, the the the the yellow the the river cableway the the carries the on play, the the this the a the few admission the tickets of the places it the is said the very cheap, the have almost the need not, the return to the downtown to buy some things in the 华 face in the evening, because of next road completely be with hid the clan fellow citizens to make contact with, enter to hide area, affirmative happy, take some small trophies what of etc..The place taken our benevolence to the demand to concern is also this activity together of purpose.
④ ???The The The 兰 state stands in the automobile the south in the early morning the the car the arrive sweet the south to the hide the the the clan the the autonomy the state the the for summer with, morning 8.30 at the the the the earliest the the stage a the the class the of the the good elephant, the the ticket the price is 70.The automobile stroll at Gobi desert pool that kind of feel beautiful!The In the evening stop for the night at lately- open Nanking person is Lee with the result that new of, the pull 卜 to stare the blankly international the youth hotel the of red stone, the price is 25.Telephone is 0941-3385884, 9981232, 7123698.When the time comes if our person makes a phone call to let him go to station to pick us up for him much.晚上体会藏族风情的住宅,有演出我们看演出最好。
⑤ ???Pulling not admission ticket of stare blankly the temple good elephant is 31 dollars/person, worship Buddha in the monastery godliness, enjoy a heartless sky in the steppe, want to do in a word what do what.Stop over, play.Is my teacher six a life times?Tang let living Buddha in this monastery, if everyone is lucky, can let him give to touch a crest.
b)???The The From the the the the summer with the the come the out the the to go the the to the ten the the a life the the time the Panchan the the Lama home town-Qing the the Lakes the to the the follow to the the turn the a county, the the follow the to the the turn a the the county the is the the a whole the the country the unique the 撒 pull the the clan the autonomy County, the there is the Anne to the have another the the natural the 佛 tower the and the 著 to hide to spread a Buddhism master, the original Chinese Buddhism association president of association pleased burn the 嘉措 of past reside, memorial hall etc..Province in Qing Lake's following to turn the country of County Road 帏 is pleased burn the 嘉措 of home town, we will visit.We will realize to the situation of the out of this world Taoyuan over there, we will feel to hide the fun that the clan romantic feeling bring strongly over there, we will forget an agony over there, we with hide the clan fellow citizens to carry song to carry a dance, do to stop over, do a rest.
c)???The The ① the From the the follow to the the turn the out the the to go the the by the car the the to rush the the through the westwards the the and rather, the the someone the says the the Qing Lake=the the the the 敞 the the is bright, the the a the heaven the the of in the the keeping with"elope", the the seek the a the the ground first the to live the a bottom, the tidy up thing, the sorting bottom, the because of the wanting to the enter to the be Tibet right away don't do a big arrangement this day, become the famous water well lane, grand cross, etc., The quantity of the company descends to the affair of the tower 尔 temple in the evening.
??Live:be the A west the postal service guest house rather?(train station flank 200 meter)Two human lifes 36 dollars/s is a train station flank more ideal residence.?
B:be the west the cultural temple guest house rather?(train station 1 road car get to the west door bottom, go toward back to walk after get off 30 meters see theater, beside)
Two are the human lifes 25s?Three the human life is 20, ?There is hot water to take a shower, ?The The Leave the 著 a light repast street water well lane here for 50 or so distances, personal think here than the convenience.?
C:the cultural temple guest house flank 20 meters still have 15 dollars, but the condition differ a lot of, can't take a shower.
The The ② the is morning the the second day 7:30 or so, the multiply by 1 road the automobiles to the get to the gymnasium in the the train station, the then go the southward for about 10 minuteses, the go by the way of the some places the that have breakfast, the Be calling the the places of"the the water well lane South Street" the eat miscellaneous the soup of the the sheeps the of the 著 ,2 dollarses 1 bowl, the the south the have one the the street, the lead high road, the haven't a few green ACs to beat a head license plate of the for-rent cars line up, be arrive a directional car of the tower 尔 temple, is a 5 dollars per person, its is said now the farmer blocked up soil road, can walk high speed, so is a 8 dollars per person, sit 4 full individuals to just deliver a car, line up one by one in order, also pretty ordered.Arrive the tower 尔 temple about 20 kilometer roads, the garage is doorway for about 25 minutes.The tower 尔 temple now the admission ticket is 38 dollars, having no student's ticket, map 5 dollars per piece.寺院喇嘛讲解员的带领下参观寺院(大约2小时),逛完后从湟中汽车站乘公交车返回西宁。Night can in the west rather a light repast a street taste place special features a light repast.
The If ③ sometimes go to west rather the north is 40 kilometers of of the mutual aid soil clan autonomy County, the 15 minutes a class, the route of the travel an hour 30 divides, the can appreciate the special race the song and dance, wheel of the soil clan an autumn etc., can also taste to the lunch of have the local taste.Return west after rather, can multiply by 33 road buses to close in the east in the afternoon under, visit east to close a big mosque.The mutual aid romantic feeling 40
BE who bring time immemorial to call
BE who leave 祈 to hope for thousand years
The difficult way say that still have mum song
Or that can't forget once in a very long while of love dearly

I see a mountain a mountain and stream
A mountain and stream connect with each other
Ah 索
That is however green to hide plateau?
The We stepped on formally green hide plateau, pull the 萨 is already no longer faraway.
The The ① west is rather-the space 尔 wood, the the west is rather-the 哈尔 cover, train?14 dollars?The The Arrive for three hours;the the Evening sit N909 to the 哈尔 a cover separately, the the time have another for 8:00 P.M.ses, the the living the 哈尔 to cover 10.00.The The 哈尔 cover-space 尔 wood;the Get up in early morning, the walk from the cover of 哈尔 to by the lake in Qing Lake, the early words can also see sunrise perhaps.Play one morning, take 8759 trains to the space 尔 wood in the afternoon, ?44 Dollars, the repair to lie to spread 30 dollarses, the appreciate the scene that postpones a way at the right moment, sleeping morning to arrive a space 尔 wood the second day in the evening.
The ② After the space the the 尔 the wood seek the guest house the to arrange appropriate, the everyone visits the the heros the of the the national class the natural sanctuary the management bureau the in the the cocoa wests together, the I also the is go the home again, the because of the is the the cocoa west the in the the protection hides the an antelope the of volunteer, meet and the old friends.This is the very rare predestination.Visit an exhibition etc..
The The ③ looks for to the cheap car of pull the 萨 , fighting for a control at 100 dollars in.
9, The ① Everyone all the way high song, the the mountain of 昆仑 , the Tang's thou that passes by elevations all in more than 5000 meter pulls mountain, BA YAN2 KA to pull mountain.Feel the plateau romantic feeling, feel snow area romantic feeling.The visit doesn't freeze the spring protection station, visitting the first civil organization protection in China station-the 索 south reach a hero a protection a station, and 0, see have no, is 0 distance of the contact hide an antelope, the other people have no this treatment, our this troops, there is way, because there is volunteer in our troops.
??The The ② arrives to pull 萨 , the we choose eight 朗 s to learn, the lucky day, the the second guest house and snow area guest house, the that is among them is all 25 abouts of an accommodation.Eight 朗s learn hotel(Banakshol?Hotel), one of ten greatest high mountains in world hotels 0891-6323829;The lucky day hotel(Kirey?Hotel)telephone:0891-6323462, second guest house(Yak?Hotel)telephone:0891-6323496, the international friend is more;Snow area guest house(Snowland?Hotel)telephone:0891-6323687, locate to hide the hospital east road, is the here the most ancient outward guest house, is a per star class guest house, it has another the price of the human life to 15 dollars/persons, is four homes are cheapest.Snow area guest house lives in many human lifes of greatly part of is a foreigner, local donkey friend less.
The The ③ likes to take a rest a bottom so much, the the 沐 bath descends sunlight, the visitting a big 昭 temple on foot(can escape a ticket be a big 昭 temple.The The secret is to want to rise early.8:the 00 every morning the big 昭 temple open the a door)the this also the taste to the hide a meal,, the turn everywhere, the and buy the good cloth the to reach the admission ticket the of pull the the temple the in advance 100 dollarses/person, have no discount.
The The ④ gets up to wait for cloth to reach to pull a temple to open early in the morning in the morning, time:9:00-12:00, the take a the rest at noon, re- open the again at 15:30 P.M.s, the go to 16:30.The beginning arrives a visitor who pull the 萨 , multiplying by a for-rent car since the empress mountain arrived the coping that the cloth reached to pull a temple, then followed cloth to reach to pull a temple to stand down from the coping for the sake of the economy physical strength, the carfare is about 10 dollars, can economize not a few time and physical strength.
⑥ ???The The Fix to go the 哲 clam temple, the the Ba goes to in the big 昭 temple square have, the the every morning 7:00 hair cars, the the the return ticket price is 20 dollarseses, the the the the car distance 2 hourseses, the the original car 14:00 returnses.
⑦ ???1, Pull 萨 -mulberry temple?40 Dollars, the the more than four hours arrive, the the the big 昭 temple goes by car beside, as far as possible in the morning early as possible.
2, Mulberry temple----?Mulberry the temple admission ticket is 40 dollars, huge expensive.The 昌 bead temple admission ticket is 30 dollars, ?The doesn't pull the 康 admission ticket 15 dollarses of The 雍.
⑧ ???Pull the 萨 -day 喀 then?, Seem 360 kilometers?50 dollars,65 dollars, about arrive for five hours.The The station that is by the side of the east road east wrong green steel at the the side the of trip the 坚 hotel the in Peking the buys a the ticket to the get on the the car, the at the the earliest stage at 7:30 A.M.s, the 喀 then beat of city inside all 5 dollarses of the day.
Live:1, the the 坚 guest house, the the bead 峰 on the road, the just walked to need about from the station clock very, the chop down the price can 25 three human lifes, the clean brightness, there is public bathroom.
2, Pull 孜 apartment?The The The bead 峰 on the road, the station walks to arrive namely for four minutes.10 dollars,15 dollars,20 dollars,30 dollars.?10Many human lifes of the dollar, the hygiene is worse, 15 dollars six human lifes, 20 dollars four human lifes, there is television, 30 dollars marks, can take a shower, in addition to the mark is outside other and can't take a shower all.
???Shopping:the There is an on foot street by the side of the firm 什伦 cloth temple, that buy of hide 饰 even cheaper than pulling 萨 eight Cape streets.
⑨ ???The The The day 喀 n-settle a day, go:the the The gold cup is 80 dollarseses, the the the big passenger car is 65 dollarseses, openning 8:the the 30 every morning, needing a day to arrive to settle a day.Day car certainly the white dam will get off, if sit overdo have no car back, can charter car back, 20.
Live:Certainly day white dam?1, become all family guest house?Chop down the price goes to 25 two human lifes, there is the shower room to take a shower
??2, Bead 峰 farmer hotel?The hide type building, 10 dollars, can't take a shower.
Eat:Eat here very expensive, put out strength to chop down price
The Buy a ticket:the Buy the admission ticket of the bead 峰 that river back at the white dam, the divide a cent of 25 dollars and 65 dollarses, distinguish is 65 dollars and can stay overnight.
⑩ ???The The Settling a day-bead 峰 (the the settle the day elevation 4200 meters or so) a white dam-headquarter is 120 kilometerseses, the the checking the ticket-headquarter 101 KMseses, 1, the the certainly day the white dam charter car the bead 峰 , the the August 15 of the price is 130 of the the traffic 1300 dollarseses/two days, the way is 800 dollarses of the one.Thered are nine persons to sit in seat of honor this car at that time, 200.Toyota 62 prices is 1500.
2, Can sit the big truck of the native son up, sometimes have already hidden a people to climb mountain of, this car can arrive a headquarter directly, the native son goes by car to want ~only several 10 dollarses.
3, Can take a motorcycle up, the peak season current price space 120 dollars is or so, there is path to walk, can arrive a headquarter directly, so can with province enter the expenses of[with] mountain fee,the environmental protection car.
Note:All charter car the car and can arrive BA SONG, then want to sit the environmental protection car up, 80 dollar return, about go to a flannel temple for an hour,?Charter car in addition to the admission ticket money, also need to be hand over into the mountain fee, a wheel is 81 dollars, the environmental protection carfare is 80 dollars.
Live:1.The firm west, place Ba who leaves up the environmental protection car loosens nine kilometers.(Elevation 4200 meters is or so)leave a headquarter 49 KMs?
Snow area bright hotel?The firm west goes into village 50 left side of the meters, 15 dollars/bed,(reduce price behind) hide type hotel.?
Its flank still has a hotel, 25 dollars.(The reduce price behind)charter car of words if live the firm west, the driver take generally here, ?
The condition just had another steam radiator about.
???BA SONG-flannel's temple?About 30 kilometers, have to sit the environmental protection car, unless you go on foot, 80 dollar return, need an hour about, ?
?Flannel temple?The elevation is about 5100 meters, the tallest temples in world?
?Live:Does the 绒 tread temple guest house?15 dollars,40 dollars?
?Food:A noodles is 10 dollars, is the egg a round flat cake 13 dollars?
?Correspondence:Move a cellular phone to there is signal here.
???Does the 绒 tread a temple-headquarter?About 8 KMs
???Go:1, wagon?30, if you go up 23 hours namely descend, can wrap your return
?????3, Go on foot, go on foot distance not to the 7 KMs, two hours namely arrive
(fabulous elevation 5250 meter)???Live:the the All of tents heres is the 5 dollars per beds of, the the live the headquarter post office to open a direction left hand the first, boss 旦 increase.
???Food:The egg noodles is 5 dollars, the scrambled egg rice is 5 dollars, egg 1 dollar is 1, the hide type plain wheat roll 1 dollar is 1.
???The Post office:the There is a post office here, the the letter slice self-provided words, the a postmark is 5 dollarses, the total threeses is a day County postmark, the bead 峰 the headquarter postmark, the section to the certainly test the brigade postmark the and buy the his letter the slice respectively is 5, if Be send out.Add 1 dollar postage.
???Headquarter-elevation boundary stone-ice tower wood
???The headquarter goes forward the brook that 500 meters has a 6 meter wide, the water ice, we had middleman to measure in evening under, in 3 degrees
Or so.Lead the river has four kinds of method:1 seek the motorcycle return, 25 dollar return, the motorcycle will tell you can take you to the ice tower
Wood, can also see snow lotus, physically is can lead river 200 meters or so can not pass;2 seek to hide a people to carry on the back to pass by 5
Dollar/.3 past, we many trips lead river 7:00 of, really is stab cold ice of bone, 4 walk toward the left side a little bit high jump.
The boundary stone is after lead river the right side of more than 100 riceses, here leave the ice tower, the wood still has a 3.5 KMs, the general and a half hours can immediately arrive.
The on the road attention has already seen top of hill, ?The The Sometimes will have already hidden the 翔 sheep to walk from the mountain, will drop rock down.
The Descend mountain:the Lift to please watch for descend arrive 绒 to tread the host of the tent whom the temple takes a the motorcycle to the please to the let you the live to the seek for you,15 dollarses.
The Certainly day the white dam-聂 pull the wood/camphorwood seaport, the having no a class of bus here, the only blocking the road car, the price should at 100-150
Of the dollar.
Does the 聂 pull wood-camphorwood seaport?30KM?The elevation is 3800-2200 meters, there is the bread car in the region go to, not certain of, can ask a side
The side store is make a phone call, four people can immediately walk, 20.
Live:It is also clean than the cheapness here.The passenger transportation station guest house is 20 two human lifes.Have another the human life 15, can take a shower,
However is solar, wash earlier, night's order may be not hot.
The camphorwood seaport-pull 萨 .
Go:Here of turn head a car a lot of, Toyota 62?180 The The dollars arrives to pull 萨 , the the 150 dollars is then to the 喀 of the day,
Need to be say clearly 1.The Time and separately several of the stages of pay pay.2 arrive time of pull the 萨 , if can't arrive on time, you need
Take other cars to walk the car money 3 general drivers should pays take you to live to eat of the places is all expensive, if are you the at enmity with department probably?
The machine eats together, please explain in advance.
Return to pull the 萨 on the road to eat:?
Old settle a day:Live:Does Anne have another hotel?25 dollars, 35 dollars, seems 100 dollars most expensively.Driver generally is take you to come to this or?
????Hid a meal to eat, is the cow muttony to wait the good luck hotel?10 dollars
(still the second floor of)????
10, Go to a little bit Nepalese circumstances, if have no passport, can travel in the camphorwood seaport the bureau do Nepal to swim on first, however can depart 10 kilometers of go to Nepalese town up, still have to have a car, there is guide then can be past, therefore can three regiments.If there is passport can Be pulling 萨 of the cloth 尔 the Nepalese consul tube of the behind of the card do a visa, doing that morning, can immediately take at 5:00 P.M., the visa is free, Monday goes to work to Friday.
11, Negotiate whether walk region in the 阿 .
The traveler wants to hitch a ride to 阿 , the 喀 that wants first to day then or pull 孜 .拉孜更好些,去阿里或尼泊尔的车都经这小镇。Some travelers will go to pull the 孜 front 6 kilometers diverge a people etc. Car, the lead to diverge to would be a big bridge, the all all pass from now on to conveyance cars in the 阿 , is a hitch a ride of good place.
North line:Pull the 萨 -day 喀 then;The day 喀 then-pull 孜 ;Pull 孜 -card 嘎 ;The mulberry mulberry-22 classes;22 classes with north-the 措 is frequently;The 措 is frequently-hole 措 ;The hole 措 -change then;Change then-male Ba;Male Ba-革吉 ;Lion spring river in the 革吉 -阿
South line:This route basically is follow the 雅鲁 to hide cloth a river but up, through the 喀 of the day then,pull 孜 ,萨嘎 ,仲 Ba can reach 玛 in the saint lake a side 雍 wrong, the 雍 is from the 玛 is wrong to go down south to 普兰 in the side town beside, return from the 普兰 again, face west north go to toward worship the mountain ridge 仁 wave strange, continue face west the north go to tie to reach a county, enter lion spring river from the south noodles finally.从地形上看,这条路线蜿蜒于喜玛拉雅与冈底斯两大山脉之间,所以风光壮丽,气势恢宏。
Still have a superior's route:
D1?The Pull the 萨 -song water-sweet BA LA's mountain pass-wave card son-river 孜 -day 喀 is then,330 kilometerses.?Beauty spot:Pull 萨 river,sheep 卓雍 lake,rather gold anti- sand 峰 ,river 孜 the ancient fortress,white reside a temple,firm cloth temple of 什伦 ;?
D2?The The day 喀 n-pull 孜 -嘉 wrong pull mountain pass-settle a day-song-the flannel temple,300 kilometerses.Beauty spot:Flannel temple,bead 穆朗玛峰 ;?
D3?The The flannel temple-China climbs mountain association to ascend the bead 峰 headquarter-settle a day-pull 孜 ,200 kilometerses.?Beauty spot:Bead 穆朗玛峰 ;?
D4?The Pull the 孜 -昂仁 -萨嘎 -仲 Ba,450 kilometerses.?Beauty spot:Firm mulberry temple;?
D5?The 仲 Ba-帕 the 尔哨 card,323 kilometerses.?Beauty spot:仲 Ba's desert,帕 sheep river,male bead is wrong,the 玛 side 雍 is wrong,the 纳 wood that 尼峰 ;?
D6?The The 帕尔哨 card-嘎 Ba-普兰 ,102 kilometerses.?Beauty spot:Pull 昂 wrong(the ghost lake),hang an empty temple,international market,wise 伯 LIN2 SI4's ruins;?
D7?The The 普兰 -BA GA-冈 bottom 斯 guest house,130 kilometerses.?Beauty spot:The 玛 side 雍 is wrong and pulls 昂 wrong,the wave of 冈仁 strange absolute being mountain;?
D8?The The 冈 bottom 斯 guest house-door soil-tie to reach,238 kilometerses.?Beauty spot:Tie to reach a soil wood and give LIN2 SI4;?
D9?Be tying to reach a county on 1st, visit ancient space dynasty imperial palace ruins.From tie to reach the county city to ruins 18 kilometers.?
  D10?The Tie to reach the county-嘎尔 -lion spring river,256 kilometerses.?Beauty spot:The 嘎尔 hides the cloth river pool to have crane;?
D11?The lion spring river-day soil(terminal point), 150 kilometers.?Beauty spot:Class Mr. is wrong.



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Just go through the total cost of ertyvehing with your insurance company. Make sure you do your home work first (including comunicating with the repairmen about damages, repairs, and costs). Did you get a rental car? That would also be an expense. Get the cost of the rental too. That way in case it was a mistake, you wont need to worry about the company coming after you for the over payment later.
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