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Topic: Needed !Car and driver for hire from Lhasa city and vacinity

Posted: 2006-09-07 17:55:37

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2006-09-07 17:55:37 GMT-5

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If your a travel agent dont bother to respond.Because I wont answer you.

I am looking for someone with a car and license to drive 2 people around in to the surrounding little towns, within 280km. from our hotel In Lhasa city. If your price is reasonable and not tourist oriented then respond to me . This will be for mid-December, when it is cold and not the season for tourist. we do NOT need anything else. Hotel etc are all arranged . I also know there are many free lance car and drivers who negotiate the price, so if your in line with what I know we can get a car and driver for then I will follow up with you. I will not pay anything in advance. Only when we see you and begin our trip, not before. I am requiring a driver for 3 days. 8 hours a day, to drop us off back at our hotel at the end of the day and pick us up. I speak fluent Mandarin and English.I will tell you where we want to go, NO inner city driving all outside and in the countryside.
If your interested write me at mail11@sbcglobal.net
Thank you!
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2006-09-30 00:23:13 GMT-5

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I am the one who posted this add, and got a rip off price quoted to me,from , yes , you got it , a travel agent in tibet possing as a private person. Go to the terminal to rent a car with 3 other people for 80 yuan each. thats the real deal. or any other city . I posted the prices in another add above .
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