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Posted: 2006-09-30 00:17:06

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2006-09-30 00:17:06 GMT-5

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Lhasa Long Distance Bus Station
Lhasa Long-distance Bus Station is located at the junction of Minzu Road and Jinzhuzhong Road. The following schedules show the distance between Lhasa and other cities including the fares.
Bus Schedule (through Sichuan-Tibet Highway)
Leaving from Going to Distance Bus Fare(For Reference) Remarks
Lhasa Gongbujiangda 279km 70 Yuan
Lhasa Bayi Town 464km 80 Yuan
Lhasa Tongmai 550km
Lhasa Zamu 639km
Lhasa Bangda 950km
Lhasa Rawok 766km
Lhasa Jiangda 1349km
Lhasa Chamdo 1062km 280 Yuan Once for every 5 days
Lhasa River 1436km
Lhasa Chengdu 2415km No regular bus service

Bus Schedule (through Qinghai-Tibet Highway)
Start Destination Distance Fare (for reference) Departure time
Lhasa Nakqu 326km 63 Yuan (bus);100 Yuan (Santana Car) Any time
Lhasa Damxung 162km 44 Yuan
Lhasa Amdo 464km 102 Yuan
Lhasa Yanshiping 653km 152 Yuan
Lhasa Tuotuohe 745km
Lhasa Golmud 1165km 210 Yuan (Sleeper bus);180 Yuan (bus); 210 Yuan(mini-bus) 8:30
Lhasa Xining 1947km 340 Yuan (sleeper bus) 11:30
Lhasa Lanzhou 2216km 380 Yuan (sleeper bus) 13:30
Lhasa Yinchuan 2321km 392 Yuan
Lhasa Chengdu 3287km 500 (sleeper bus) 10:30
Lhasa Chengdu 3287km 616 (deluxe sleeper bus) Afternoon
Lhasa Nanchong 3660km 550 (sleeper bus) 17:30
Lhasa Chongqing 3680km 560 (sleeper bus) 14:30
Note: Golden Dragon sleeper buses or Daewoo sleeper buses are used for some of the above routes.

Bus Schedule (through the China-Nepal Friendship Highway)
Start Destination Distance Fare (for reference)
Lhasa Qushui 68km 10 Yuan
Lhasa Nimu 83km 18 Yuan
Lhasa Renbu 126km 25 Yuan
Lhasa Shigates 280km 38 Yuan (mini-bus); 80 Yuan (Santana car); 60 Yuan (Golden Cup bus); 80 Yuan (Toyota jeep)
Lhasa Lhatse 437km No regular bus service
Lhasa Tingri 572km No regular bus service
Lhasa Neyalamu 724km No regular bus service
Lhasa Zhangmu 754km No regular bus service
Lhasa Gyantse 264km No regular bus service
Lhasa Yatung 73km 100 Yuan (departure time: 10:30 am)

1. You can find some privately run buses around the Lhasa Long-Distance Bus Station. Before you take one, you’d better have a look at the condition of the bus and bargain with the driver. It may be less expensive if you charter a bus with several other people. The drivers are nice and may introduce some practical information about traveling.
2. The bus fare may fluctuate and the bus schedule may change according to different season. Lhasa Long-distance Bus Station is in the junction of Minzu Road and Jinzhuzhong Road, facing the Monument of Qinghai-Tibet Highway and Sichuan-Tibet Highway. For information you can call 0891-6824469. The Eastern Outskirts Bus Station has buses to the neighboring towns. The newly built Northern Outskirts Bus Station has buses to Ngari.
3. If you want to go to Ali, you can take bus at Ali Office in Liangre Road in Lhasa, or at the Antelope Transport Company nearby. The company’s contact telephone number is 6888929.

Getting Around
Taking mini-bus is the cheapest way to get around in the city. The fare is 2 Yuan no matter how far you go. Both No. 1 Bus and No. 2 Bus may take you to Norbulingkha or Lhasa Long-distance Bus Station. No.3 bus and No.5 bus may take you to Dreprung Monastery and No. 4 to Sera Monastery. The private run mini-bus or jeep follows certain fixed route and the fare is also 2 Yuan. Most of them have a stop at the Tibetan Hospital (in the Jokhang Square).
Taking a taxi may cost you 10 Yuan no matter where you go in the city. But if you want to go out of town, you’d better negotiate with the driver over the price. For Dreprung Monastery, you need to pay about 20 Yuan.
Man-powered tricycles running on the streets are very interesting sights. If you want one, just wave your hands. Riding a tricycle is a good way to enjoy the appearance of the city. A tricycle usually takes two people and the price varies from 4 Yuan to 7 Yuan. Before getting on it, don’t forget to negotiate for the price.
Bus Schedule to Tsetang and Shannan
Start Destination Distance Bus fare (for reference)
Lhasa Zhaweng 144km 22 Yuan
Lhasa Samye Monastery 155km 23 Yuan
Lhasa Tsetang 191km 30 Yuan (mini-bus);40 Yuan (deluxe bus)
Lhasa Shannan 27 Yuan (bus);40 Yuan (mini-bus); 50 Yuan (Santana car)

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 Author: PRIKJE

2006-10-20 03:15:50 GMT-5

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One of the best to the point info I've seen on this site !Well done thx
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