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Topic: Entry City to Tibet

Posted: 2004-02-04 03:23:40

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 Author: DORIS

2004-02-04 03:23:40 GMT-5

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Someone advised me taking fight from Chengdu is the best way to go to Tibet. May anyone show me why. Or any other alternative?

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 Author: NEIL

2004-02-04 03:24:25 GMT-5

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Choose Chengdu as you entry city to Tibet, and your seats on flight can be surely guaranteed, because the flight to Tibet from Chengdu is nearly available every day.
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 Author: ERIC

2004-02-04 03:45:24 GMT-5

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Please note:

It is hnot so easy to get plane tickets from Chengdu to Tibet during peak season (eg.Summer).

The easiest way to get tickets is by booking via a travel agency. Besides, bookings in July and August should be made 5 - 7 days in advance.

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2004-02-14 01:02:08 GMT-5

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And book a ticket to Tibet need your tibet travel permit, so if you haven't applied for it, I'm afraid you can't enter tibet.
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 Author: ALAN

2004-07-27 22:36:06 GMT-5

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Among the five cities (Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Hong Kong and Katmandu) where you can take flight to Tibet only, Chenggdu is a little convenient (for it is near to Lhasa) comparatively. And also you can choose another city according to your tour arrangement.
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 Author: SIMON

2005-01-18 13:44:37 GMT-5

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Hello, I want to go to Tibet during the Easter break and have heard people talking about a Tibet Travel Permit. Can anyone shed any light on how I acquire this??
It would be much appreciated.

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2005-01-18 18:54:24 GMT-5

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this info may help.
also there are many friends who are planning the trip or who have already been there.
Though I dont understand why so many people like to go to Tibet, anyone that interested in China I am ready to help.

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2006-05-29 04:48:17 GMT-5

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First, I don't know why many people select flight which is a expensive and not gorgeous way as an access to go to Tibet.
If me, I will select the Qinghai-Tibet Highway.
Only about 200 RMB from Qingha to Tibet for only 30 hours! and
On the way you can experience fantastic scenes such as the more than 5500 meter mountain and so on.
And by this way you could enter gradually Tibet hence enalbing you to adapt quickly, easily and convinently the high altitude.

I am a Tibet fan, and welcome everyone loving Tibet make friends with me.

MSN: wangxiaojie906@hotmail.com
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 Author: YOYO

2006-09-11 01:21:34 GMT-5

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Now we can also choose trains, the easiest and cheapest way!
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2007-01-06 02:41:27 GMT-5

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You can enrol into Lhasa from Chendu, Beijing, shanghai with flight then from guangzhou, shanghai, beijing, xining, chendu with Qinghai-Tibet train. We went to Lhasa last year September from Beijing with Qinghai-Tibet train. We bought the train ticket with tibet permit from tibetfit.service@gmail.com in July before we went to tibet.
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