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Topic: Complete Map of the Tibetan Plateau

Posted: 2007-07-18 22:17:51

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2007-07-18 22:17:51 GMT-5

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On a recent trip to Tibet, I meet up with a Australian couple in Gui Sa Shi Miao who carried a Trax2 Tibet map. They had just finishing a 3 week stint using only this map and were now overlanding with it across to Chengdu. This map they had was the best map of Tibet I've ever seen, (and this been my 3rd time into Tibet) not only did it cover the whole of the Tibetan Plateau all the way to Kathmandu, it showed everything from little monasteries, villages, roads, tracks and even highlighted salt & fresh water lakes. Best of all it was printed in English and Chinese both.

Anyone planning a trip to Tibet or just studying Tibet could find it to be an invaluable aid.
But I’m not sure where you can get it though, the couple said they got it in Australia.

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 Author: ELLEN

2007-07-19 04:27:36 GMT-5

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Hi Paul, try this website, I find this is a Tibet map of the scenic spots with both Chinese and English captions.
And this: http://www.aroundtibet.com/tibet_map.asp?region=8
there are some other maps with English captions.

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