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Topic: Planning for a Travel Trip

Posted: 2012-03-28 18:50:53

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Travel Tips
It gives a very special kind of feelings, when we go out or plans for a trip.
Whenever you are planning to travel make sure that your trip is completely safe and you will not be facing any kind of financial problems. Here are few tips that must be following before going out for a trip.
1) Register your travel and keep their contact details with you.
2) Go for travel insurance
3) Look for latest travel advice
4) Visas for at least six months.
5) Keep several copies of your important documents
6) Take health advise from your doctor.
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2012-05-13 06:55:18 GMT-5

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there is hard to find guidance there, even for a mapso be sure you take a tarvel guide with you, maybe even two onesalso, the schedules in tarvel guides might be different than what you find on the spot or they might be in renovation, closed etc. So either call them(if you know Spanish) or go EARLY.
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