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Nakchu Attractions

To most travelers, a Tibet trip is not complete without a journey to the heavenly Namsto Lake . Two hundred and sixty kilometers (162 miles) away from Lhasa, the Namtso Lake is the second largest saltwater lake in China and has the highest altitude (4,718m/15,479 ft) in the world. For pilgrims it is a holy land of Tibetan Buddhism, while for tourists its pureness and serenity will create a lifelong memory. The lake, frequented by such wild animals as yaks, condors, marmots, blue sheep, and snow leopards, also teems with highland fish species. The area also contains precious medicinal herbs such as snow lotus, caladiums and cordyceps. In addition, Namsto Grassland and the nearby islands also feature a Namsto trip. Heavenly Lake Namtso, Nakchu, Tibet However, Namtso Lake is not the only attraction of the Nakchu Region. Xainza Nature Reserve and Shuanghu Special Administrative Zone(Changtang Nature Reserve), which are located respectively southwest and northwest to the town of Nakchu, are irresistible temptations to nature-lovers. The former is the largest and highest nature reserve for black-necked cranes in China. The latter, with its more than forty wildlife species and boundless grassland, brings you an unforgettable experience in the harmony between humans and animals.

As a treat to those who have a special interest in history and religions, the Ancient Shengshong Culture Ruins and the Dodoka Skull Wall highlight the history and mystical religion of the Nakchu Region. The Ruins is believed to be where the ancient Shengshong Kingdom built their capital. Though there are only broken walls left after 1,600 years, the glory of this capital city and the kingdom, which mysteriously disappeared 1,300 years ago, can still be traced here. East to the town of Nakchu, the Dodoka Burial Ground, the only one in Tibet to keep skulls, is situated in Driru County. As one of the characteristics of Tibetan culture, sky burials always arouse curiosity in those who live outside Tibet. Here in the Dodoka Burial Ground, not only is the procedure of sky burials presented in full and visible detail but also the skull walls bring travelers a brand new understanding of Tibetan customs and philosophy.

Last but not least, skillful rock paintings, hot springs, and crystal serac forests make Nakchu much more than you ever imagined.

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