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Shigatse is the second largest city within Tibet and has undergone large scale development. Visitors can find various restaurants in Shigatse City now. Tibetan foods served in local Tibetan restaurants are tasty and delicious. The restaurants are decorated in Tibetan style and reveal a strong sense of tradition. Sichuan cuisine is also popular in the city, and offer great meals at a low price. Jiefang Bei Lu and Zhufeng Lu are the highlight of the city where many nice restaurants are assembled.

 Greasy Joe's (Zhengxin Fandian) in Kaisalangkang Lu serves great Sichuan cuisine in a reasonable price. The dishes may be too hot and spicy for westerners, but you can ask the staff to use less capsicum and zanthoxylum husk if you prefer a milder taste. The delicious banana pancakes they serve may be more likely to westerner's taste.

 Sangdotse Restaurant (Sangzhuzi Xiaochibu) in Qingdao Lu is a typical Tibetan restaurant. Tibetan foods such as momos (meat dumplings), yak Noodles, beef curry with rice have high reputation among locals. What's more, you can drink the sweet tea, yak butter tea and local beers.

 Sumdruptse Restaurant is the best restaurant near the Tenzin Hotel. Chinese, Tibetan, Western, Nepalese and even Japanese dishes are served in this restaurant. The meals are tasty, and the coffee they served is especially good.

 Tashi Restaurant in Jijilangka Lu is a branch of famous Mandala Restaurant. By serving authentic Nepalese and Western foods, the restaurant is always the best choice for western visitors.

 Tenzin Restaurant near Tenzin Hotel is quite cheap for meals. Foods are not bad but the staff is not very helpful.

Besides, night market close to the bus station is also a good place for you to enjoy local flavors.

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