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Dzong Fortress

There is, in Shigatse's Gyangtse County, a courageous history of resistance to foreign invasion which has the power to move one simultaneously to an outpouring of praise and of tears. A looming reminder of this history is a fortress that stands atop a steep cliff measuring 4,020 meters high (about 13,189 ft). This is the renowned Dzong Fortress, which commemorates all the heroes who sacrificed their lives in the 1904 battle to drive out British invaders. Dzong Fortress is also known by the name 'Hero Site'. An emplacement from the 1904 battle can still be found here. It witnessed many cruel fighting that took place over 100 years ago and is a lasting symbol of the lofty bravery of those heroes. They, together with their spirits, will live forever in the hearts of the Chinese people. More than a century ago, soldiers and the citizens of Gyangtse made every effort to drive out the British invaders in order to preserve the peace and prosperity of their hometown, and thus, wrote a glistening page in the book of Chinese history. Today, Dzong Fortress endows Gyangtse with heroic honor and touching dignity.
 Getting there:
Dzong Fortress is located in the central section of Gyangtse County, so it is within easy walking distance.
Admission fee:
CNY 30
Hours of operation:
09:00---19:00 in summer
09:00---17:00 in winter

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