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Mt. Shisha Pangma

There are 14 mountains in the world over 8,000m (about 8,748.9 yards), and Mt. Shisha Pangma  (also named Mt. Xixabanma)  is number 14. It is also the only peak above 8,000 m entirely within the boundaries of China. In Tibetan Shisha Pangma means 'bitter climate', which is a good description of the area. It is located in the middle part of the Himalayas and it consists of three peaks all with similar heights. About 200m (about 218.7 yards) and 400m (about 437.4 yards) northwest of the main peak, there are two apexes with height of 8,008 m (about 8,757.7 yards) and 7,966 m (about 8,711.7 yards) respectively. The most attractive aspect of Mt. Shisha Pangma is its ice-towers, which in their various shapes and sizes lead you away to an imaginary world.
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