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  Hello Frieda

It was nice to meet you in Xian. We had a fabulous time in China and have many pictures, video and memories.

1.Meals for me were a nightmare but my father enjoyed his. My problem was being a fish/seafood eater.

2. The guides were, for the most part, quite knowledgable as well as friendly and energetic. We enjoyed meeting each of them.

3. Drivers and cars were excellent. The only request would be for seatbelts in all cars.

Thank you for a safe, comfortable, interesting, and enjoyable tour. We will certainly recommend you to everyone.


Clients' Infomation: Ms. Marie Therese Pavini and Mr. Amadeu William Pavini JR,Chittenden, VT, US

ltinerary : 15-Day Standard Tours of Beijing - Xian - Lhasa - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise - Yichang - Shanghai


Some comments are given below:

1. Time alloted was excellent.

2. The food was good. Especially enjoyed the "Western" food at the Hyatt in Xian. It was nice to get a break. You may want to consider another "break" from straight Chinese food, perphaps a Thai or Italian restaurant.

3. Guides were good. Hua seemed a little preoccupied. Ruth's enthusiasm was great. Cassandra was very knowledgeable, tried to accommodate special requests.

4. Car and drivers were excellent.

Ron Wyatt

Clients' Infomation: Mr. Ronald WB Wyatt, Ms. Janelle Lynn Wyatt and Mr. Ronald Benjamin Wyatt,Alamo, California, US

ltinerary : 12-Day Tours of Beijing - Xian - Chongqing - Yangtze River - Yichang - Shanghai

  Hello Ruby & Emma

Firstly let me say that all the arrangements you made for us worked out exactly as you said they would - thank you. We would not hesitate to use your company again if we visit China or other parts of the Far East.

My answers to your specific points are:

1. The meals arranged for us in Yichang and Chongqing were excellent - there was little to choose between them.

2.Both our guides were friendly,extremely helpful and spoke good English - each in their own way was excellent. We have thanked them both by Email.

3.Both cars and their drivers were completely satisfactory.

Thank you again


Clients' Infomation: Mr. Peter George Foster and Mr. Timothy William Walden,Derby, Derbyshire, UK

ltinerary : 5-Day Budget Tours of Yichang - Yangtze River Cruise - Chongqing


Our experience to China was superb, thanks for your efforts. Our comments are given as follow:

The meals were good. The meal the first night, I don't recall the name of the location, was exceptional.

Our driver and the car were great. We had an incident were we needed to go to some local store and get allergy medicine. Our driver and guide went out of their way to translate and drive us around Lhasa to get the medicine we needed.

To improve the experience I would suggest that there be a survey at the beginning to ask what it is that the traveler is most interested in seeing on their trip. I enjoyed shopping in the afternoons where as some other people may not want to spend any time at all in the markets.


Clients' Infomation: MS.Christine Jones and Mr. Erik Todd Heimer,Atlanta, GA, US

ltinerary : 4-Day Luxury Tours of Lhasa

  Dear Judy:

I am sorry I have taken so long to get this back to you.Everything about our China trip was wonderful and I enjoyed meeting you in Xian very much.

The Beijing peking duck restaurant was an outstanding event and very enjoyable. I also very much enjoyed the lunch at the "auspicious restaurant"--the restaurant was beautiful and the food was wonderful.

I also enjoyed the food very much at the small sichuan restaurant where we ate just before leaving Guilin. I enjoyed the food very much and the intimate atmosphere of the small restaurant gave me the impression that I was actually in Guilin rather than an onlooker. So for me it is a tie between the auspicious and the sichuan restaurant for my favorite. I do think that for a tour group of just the two of us, we often had way more food than we could possibly eat-- a menu that must have been designed for 4-6 people.

You were absolutely right about the Holiday Inn in Beijing. I was very impressed with their facilities. Eating breakfast there every morning was so much fun -- we got to try so many Asian breakfast foods presented so appetizingly and still could fall back on our own western cuisine when we needed to have something familiar. It is an excellent hotel.

All of our guides were wonderful. Their English and knowledge of the areas being toured were excellent. I can say very nice things about all of them. Winnie and Mr.kong were helpful, flexible, and stalwart against the Beijing traffic. Lily chan and Mr. wong were really good. Again the were flexible and enjoyable to be with. Lily's English is excellent and her knowledge of Xian made our visit there better than if we had been there on our own.

Ting Ting chu and Mr. lu gave us a great short tour of Shanghai and then drove us out to Wuzen for the day. It was a lovely outing and Ting Ting shared with us what treats to buy for families to celebrate spring. We got to try things we would not have eaten on our own.Ting Ting helped me ship some souvenirs home at the post office and got me to the museum and dinner and to the portman acrobatic show all ontime. Ting Ting was sympathetic and when we told her, I had a certainty that she would let you know not to send people there any longer.

Paul tong and Mr. liang showed us a marvelous time in Guilin and Yangshuo. I could not have asked for a better guide. He was very willing to discuss subjects that interest me like the Chinese and English languages, food, and culture. We felt very comfortable and in good hands in Paul's company. We were very sad to say goodbye to both Paul and Liang when it was time to get on the airplane for Hongkong.

Every one of your tour guides English was excellent. We had no problem communicating with them and with their help anyone else in china. I know that each of your guides enhanced our experience of the places we saw.

The cars we drove in were immaculate at all times. There was always a nice cold bottle of water for us morning and afternoon. I must say I enjoyed riding in the "red flag" sedan in Xian because it is a Chinese car and one I had never seen before. However familiar the other cars and vans were, they were perfect for their jobs and I always felt secure in them. Your drivers have great skills -- I went to China looking forward to amazing traffic and I was not disappointed!

It is difficult for a tourist to get to know the people of the country in which they are traveling, especially with a strong language barrier. I feel that spending several days in each city with your excellent English speaking guides gave me a sense of the young people of China and I am most impressed. Winnie in Beijing went our of her way to find me a popular singer's CD to take home, Lily took me to a Chinese pharmacy when I caught a cold (I still have some golden drops), Ting Ting and corrie and I sampled the rice wine in wuzen and paul showed us his beautiful city, the li river, and yangshuo with skill and charm. I know we could not have done as much or felt as connected to china without your efficient organization and your wonderful guides. I hope to go back to China someday and I will certainly make arrangements through your agency.

Thank you so much for a lifetime experience. I can't stop talking about my trip to China!


Clients' Infomation: Ms. Karen A. Hitchcock-Mort,Plano, Texas, US

ltinerary : 12-Day Standard Tours of Beijing - Xian - Shanghai - Wuzhen - Shanghai - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin - Hong Kong

  Dear Barbara,

The two guides in Xian and shanghai were excellent (two women! Lily and Amy).The guide in Beijing was just o.k. The guide in Guilin was very nice and friendly. Lily and Amy will be remembered always.

Almost all the drivers were service oriented and the car was kept very clean.

The service I received from your company was excellent. Brenda and Judy were professional and very helpful.

The trip to china was a unique experience and I want to thank you again.

My warm regards

David shvadron

Clients' Infomation: David Shvadron and Malka S.,IL

ltinerary : 11-Day Luxury Tours of Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin - Longsheng - Guilin - Shanghai