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Topic: Lhasa - Bejing train sold out?!

Posted: 2007-04-22 23:01:55

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2007-04-22 23:01:55 GMT-5

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Hi...I need 2 train tickets (soft sleeper) from Lhasa - Beijing on 19th May. My travel agency in Lhasa says they will 'try their best' to get the tickets!

- What I dont understand is that is bookings open only 10 days in advance (from what I have heard) and if they are first in the queue, there should be no problem in getting tickets right?! They are giving me some excuse that if government officials travel they will get priority and thus tickets will not be available for tourists. How many government officials on one train?!

- Do the agents need to show the permit to buy the tickets? I am thinking of asking some other agency to book the train tickets in case they are not required to show our permits (which are being arranged by the agency I have booked with)

- For the Lhasa - Beijing train can tickets be bought only at the Lhasa station or at Beijing as well?

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 Author: ELLEN

2007-04-22 23:16:25 GMT-5

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Hi Lhasalust, I think it is a wise plan for you to avoid the May Holiday peak season. But the train ticket is always a hot since the opening of the Tibet Railway.

There are indeed some people buying tickets by the personal relationships. But I think you can look for the booking ticket hotline in the railway station to book a ticket in advance. Sometimes it may be not lucky even if you queque, since the tickets have been booked out.

There are also some spots that are commissioned to sell tickets in the city, but you have to confirm if they are legal.

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 Author: STAR

2007-04-23 21:59:22 GMT-5

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Hi, I have learnt that the railway has stopped selling the group tickets in case of the cheating. It can be booked three days in advance and each person can only get three tickets at most. SO be sure that your agent really can get the ticket for you.
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