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Topic: What do you feel about the great Tibet railway?

Posted: 2007-11-06 19:28:34

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 Author: SISI

2007-11-06 19:28:34 GMT-5

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The launch of the Tibet Railway is undoubtly a huge event in the Chinese transport construction history. With the opening of it, it is no longer a dream for foreigners to travel to Tibet and open its mysterious veils, and for Tibetans to walk out and have a look at the world beyond the high mountains.

Now the railway has been running for one year smoothly, I wonder how many of you have travelled by the railway? What do you think of them?

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 Author: ELLEN

2007-11-06 19:41:50 GMT-5

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Yes, the railway is really a great project. It is the embodiment of the labors and sacrifices of many workers. I just heard that when working on the railway, few Tibetans know who and who are the workers, but one thing is certain, they are all good men 'Jinzhumami' (liberation armed forces)and will bring 'Zhaxidele'(Tibetan language: good fortune) to them. Just think the high altitudes and rough conditions that they worked in! And think the subject there were working on - permafrost grounds, high mountains, vast waters, and the consideration of not disturbing the abundant plants and wild animals! The deep and sincere feelings that they cherish towards the railway can only be truly understood from those wo had experinced the great event!
I admire them! If given a chance I must travel the railway myself, and feel it by my heart.

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