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Lhasa, as the capital of Tibet, is able to provide quite good lodging services for travelers. There are enough top class hotels that cater to upscale travelers, while for the backpackers and budget travelers, many economical hostels, guest houses and home hostels are a good choice. To facilitate your stay , most of the hotels there are built around the old city district, the bustling areas or the well-trodden scenic spots, such as Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street, and the basic facilities and services they offer are also nothing to jest about.

 Top Class Hotels
The top class starred hotels can be easily found in Lhasa. According to the appraisal of the authorizing organization in Tibet, the grades of the hotels in Lhasa range from four stars to one star. However, with the opening of the Tibet Railway, the construction of five star hotels has sprung up. Among the many five-star hotels, are the Brahmaputra Grand Hotel, Lhasa Manasarovar Hotel and Lhasa Jardin Secret Hotel. Here is some information on several popular top class hotels in the city.

  Lhasa Hotel (4-star)
Lhasa Hotel is the only four star hotel in Tibet with an international standard service, and is the most luxurious hotel in Tibet. It is fully equipped with 460 Tibetan-, Chinese- and Western-styled guest rooms and presidential suites and 806 beds. All the rooms are furnished with private bath rooms, satellite closed-circuit TV, domestic and international phone service, and oxygen access if necessary. Additionally, deluxe rooms are equipped with hair dryers, Bath Scale, small bars, refrigerator, safe deposit box are provided in the deluxe rooms. And the presidential suites are even more comfortable with facilities of dry & wet sauna, spa tub, fitness room, study, meeting room, restaurant and dining room.

The hotel is located 2 or 3 km. (1 - 2 miles) from the city center and Potala Palace, with buses and taxies available. The distances between the hotel and the airport, railway station and coach station are as follows: 98 km. (61 miles), 5 km. (3 miles) and 1 km. (0.6 miles).

Amenities: indoor swimming pool, exercise room, sauna room, massage room, chess & card room, beauty salon, Karaoke hall business center, foreign curruency exchange, ticket booking, vehicle rentals, laundry, department store.
Meeting: a 500-person capacity meeting hall.
Dining: Tibetan dishes, Sichuan dishes, Huaiyang dishes, Guangdong dishes, morning tea, western food.

Accepted Cards: Great Wall Card (issued by Bank of China), Peony Card (issued by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China), Master Card, Visa Card, AMEX, Diners Card, JCB Card.

  Tibet Hotel (3-star)
Located near the Potala Palace and Norbulingka, Tibet Hotel enjoys good surroundings and convenient transportation. It features the distinctive Tibetan architectural style, with three-star service. The hotel is designed in the fashion of Potala Palace, and built completely of granite stone. There are 250 rooms and suites in total, all of which are equipped with electronic magcard locks on the doors, central air-conditioning, automatic showers, smoke alarms, domestic and international phone service, close-circuit TV, safe deposit boxes, automatic hot water heaters, scales, hair dryers, refrigerators, a small bar All the deluxe suites also have meeting room, office, chess & card room, spa tub and sauna. There are also over 10 dining rooms which can seat over 1,000 persons, with Tibetan, Sichuan, Guangdong, Huaiyang, western and other dishes offered. Other services also include a beauty salon, fitness center, business center and car rental. 

The distances between Tibet Hotel and other places are: Airport: 60 km. (37 miles); Railway Station: 4 km. (2.5 miles); City Center: 2 km. (1.2 miles); Potala: 1.6 km. (1 miles); Jokhang: 2 km. (1.2 miles).

  Jiangsu Ecological Garden Hotel (quasi-4-star)
Located in the Xianzu Island development zone, and bordering the Lhasa River, the hotel is the largest investment project in Tibet by Jiangsu Province and greatly improves the meeting and exhibition conditions in Lhasa. It is built according to the four star standard service, with a five-story main building and 120 guest rooms. 

Distances between the hotel and others places are as follows:
City center: 2 km. (1.2 miles); Potala Palace: 4 km. (2.5 miles); Railway Station: 10 km. (6.2 miles); Airport: 100 km. (62 miles).

Amenities: Karaoke hall, chess & card room, billiards room, table tennis room, tennis court, exercise room, massage room, sauna room, flower shop, beauty salon, shopping center, parking lot, business center, ticket booking, laundry, car rental, Meeting: meeting room.(10-person capacity) Dining: Chinese dishes (including Tibetan dishes), Western dishes, Japanese dishes, café, pub, tea house, barbecue.

Accepted Cards: Peony Card, Great Wall Card, Golden Card (issued by Agricultural Bank of China), Pacific Card (issued by Communication Bank of China), Dragon Card (issued by Construction Bank of China), Orient Card (issued by Shanghai Pudong Development Bank).

  King Sun Grand Hotel (quasi-4-star)
Located opposite the Lhasa Racecourse and near the North Suburb Passenger Station and Sera Monastery, it is a five-story building with 102 rooms or suites, four-star service. The hotel is a good choice for news conferences, business activities and parties.

Distances to the City Center: 3 km. (2 miles); Potala: 4 km. (2.5 miles); Railway Station: 10 km. (62 miles); Airport: 70 km. (43 miles).

Amenities: exercise center, foot massage, beauty salon, massage room, chess & card room, shopping, laundry service, parking lot, business center, ticket booking,, internet access, closed-circuit TV, international and domestic phone service.
Meeting: multifunctional hall (150 people), business hall (40 people), guest reception hall (10 people). Dining: Chinese dishes, western dishes, tea house, pub.

Accepted Cards: Peony Card, Great Wall Card, Golden Card, Pacific Card, Dragon Card, Master Card, Visa Card, AMEX, Dinners Card, JCB Card.

  Lhasa Century Hotel (quasi-4-star)
Located on bustling Beijing Road, not far away from Potala Palace, Norbulingka, Drepung Monastery and the Tibetan Museum, it has four floors, with 39 rooms and suites, four-star service. The construction style, TV, bath rooms and other facilities are all the most excellent ones in the city. The staff is all particularly well-trained and capable of English so it is a good choice for foreign guests.

Distances to City center: 2 km. (1.2 miles); Potala: 2 km. (1.2 miles); Railway Station: 7 km. (4.3 miles); Coach Station: 2 km. (1.2 miles); Airport: 100 km. (62 miles).

Amenities: chess & card room, karaoke hall, massage room, night club, shopping, parking lot, business center, ticket booking, laundry service, car rental
Meeting: small meeting room (20 people).
Dining: Chinese dishes (Sichuan dishes mainly), with Chinese and foreign breakfasts.

Accepted Cards: Peony Card, Great Wall Card, Golden Card, Pacific Card, Dragon Card, Orient Card, Master Card, Visa Card, AMEX, Dinners Card, JCB Card.

  Lhasa Xueya Hotel (quasi-3-star)
Located in No.3, Jinzhu Zhonglu, Chengguan District, and near Norbulingka, Chakpori Hill, the Monument of Sichuan-Tibet Highway and several schools, it has 4 stories with 74 rooms and suites, and three-star service.

Distances with City center: 2 km. (1.2 miles); Potala: 4 km. (2.5 miles); Railway Station: 6 km. (3.7 miles); Airport: 40 km. (25 miles).

Amenities: chess & card room, beauty saloon, massage room, shopping, parking lot, business center, car rental, ticket booking, laundry service, interne access.
Dining: Chinese dishes

Accepted Cards: Great Wall Card, Golden Card, Dragon Card.

Budget Hotels

Banakshol Hotel, Kirey Hotel, Snowland Hotel and Yak Hotel are the most welcomed ones for the budget travelers and backpackers. These hotels not only provide satisfactory services, but also charge an economical price. What's more, an information board is usually available in the hotel for the travelers to find a companion conveniently. These hotels are all located on or near the busy Beijing Donglu, and not far from Barkhor Street, the most famous shopping and dining street in Lhasa, and the well-known Jokhang Temple.

  Banakshol Hotel  
Founded in 1984, it is perhaps the oldest and most famous hostel in the city. The foreign media used to list it as one of the top ten hostels with excellent service in the world. The hotel is built in the distinctive Tibetan style near to Barkhor Street.

Services: 24-hour communal shower, luggage consignment, parking lot, free laundry  facilities and intercity phone service, internet access, bicycle rental and repair, Tibetan restaurant, sweet tea house.
Add: Beijing Donglu, near Linkuo Donglu.
Tel: 0891-6323829.

  Snowland Hotel
It is the nearest hostel to Jokhang Temple. The temple square is just in front of the hotel, where classes of vehicles stop waiting for the passengers. The roof of the hotel provides a panoramic view of Potala Palace and all of Lhasa. It is also the most economical hotel among the five, considering the service.

Services: 24-hour communal bath room, Indian, Tibetan and Chinese dishes, private wash room, additional telephone and TV provided in the luxury room.
Add: No.4, Zangyiyuan Road.
Tel: 0891-6323687.

  Yak Hotel
It is the best hotel among the five, featuring the symbol of a yak head on the front door. It is also an old Tibetan style hotel, with clean beds, guest rooms and bath rooms. The informative English-speaking staff can be of service to you.

Services: parking lot, car and bicycle rental, business center, internet access, pub, Tibetan restaurant supplying all Tibetan, Chinese and western dishes.
Add: No.100, Beijing Donglu.
Tel: 0891-6323496.

  Kirey Hotel
The hotel enjoys a good location in the surroundings of many famous scenic spots, such as Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple. It is also an old hotel for backpackers in both Tibetan and Chinese styles. TV is provided in every room. The Mad Yak Restaurant downstairs can provide pretty good meals, as well as Tibetan singing and dancing performances daily.

Services: communal bathing room and wash room, 24-hour hot water, free laundry facilities, bicycle rental, mail, ticket booking. Add: No.12, Beijing Donglu.
Tel: o891-6323462.

Besides these, home hostels are also a good option for budget travelers. These hostels are usually decorated in Tibetan style, and provide a good opportunity to approach the locals. There are now more than 40 home hostels in Lhasa, which are mainly distributed in the old city district or near the Barkhor Street. In addition, there are two youth hostels. One is located at No.10, Beijing Zhonglu, at the back of Jokhang Temple. Another is located at No.27, Linju Lu, not far from Jokhang Temple and Potala Palace. Pretty complete services are provided in these two hotels.

List of 2010 Approved Starred Hotels
Lhasa Shenhu Hotel
Building A, Yangcheng Square,
Gongbutang Lu
Xinding Hotel
No. 8, Jinzhu Erlu
Brahmaputra Grand Hotel 5 Section B, yangcheng Plaza,
Gongbutand Road
0891 -
Lhasa Hotel
No. 1, Minzu Lu
Litai Hotel
Sun Island Binhe Lu
Century Hotel
No. 66, Beijing Zhonglu
Hongfeng Hotel
Xuexin Yicun Lu
Thangka Hotel
No. 38, Yutuo Lu
Four Points By
Sheraton Lhasa Hotel
No. 5, Lane 1, Linlang Donglu
Tibet Snow Sea Grand Hotel
No. 18, Dangre Xilu
Ecological Garden Hotel
Xianzu Island Development Zone
King Sun Grand Hotel
No. 1, Zhaji Lu
Golden Tibet Holiday Hotel
No. 54, Jinzhu Xilu
Minshan Jin Sheng Hotel
Xuexincun Lu
Tianyu Jiaotong Hotel
No. 4, Luobulinka Lu
Xueya Hotel
No. 3, Jinzhu Zhonglu
Lhasa Square Hotel
No. 4, Kangan Donglu
Jidi Business Hotel
No. 9, Minzu Beilu
Mintai Hotel
No. 17, Yutuo Lu
Lhasa Post Hotel
No. 33, Beijing Zhonglu 
Tibet Hotel
No. 221, Beijing Xilu
Fengyang Business Hotel
Dangre Xilu
Minzheng Fuli Hotel
Xuexincun Lu Zhong Duan
Diren Hotel
Conjunction of Linkuo Xilu
and Xuexincun Lu
Tibet Hongshan Hotel
No. 41, Beijing Zhonglu
Grand Hotel Tibet
No. 196, Beijing Zhonglu
Holy Swan Hotel
No. 3, Najin Lu
Zedang Hotel
No. 21, Naidong Lu,
Nanzedang County
Post and
Telecommunication Hotel
No. 5, Lane 1, Linkuo Donglu
Gold Grain Hotel
No. 11, Yutuo Road
Sunshine Hotel
No. 27, Linju Lu
Phuntsok Khasang
Youth Hostel
No. 48, Qingnian Lu
Himalaya Hotel
No. 6, Linkuo Donglu

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How do I know if I am booking a Chinese Hotel or a Tibetan Hotel

I note many of your hotels do not accept western credit cards?

Which is a good Tibetan Hotel and offers body scrub Sauna Massage ?


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Asked by Fred Inglis (Australia)

You can just book the hotel through a reliable hotel booking service online. Yes, most of the hotels in Tibet only accept Chinese Credit cards and cash. The best hotel in Tibet should be Four Points By Sheraton Lhasa Hotel.

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