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Although Chamdo is becoming increasingly accessible to tourists, lodging conditions remain relatively lower here than in Lhasa, Shigatse, Nyingchi, and Shannan. Despite this, excellent lodging options of starred hotels are available in its administrative center - Chamdo County and Markham County. Guest houses and hostels can also provide an array of services for you. An additional option is to request lodging with a local family or monastery.

Here is some information on some of the most popular hotels in Chamdo:

Chamdo Hotel (Chamdo Fandian) (3-star): the most luxurious hotel in Chamdo. It has 108 rooms, including luxury suites, standard and economy rooms. The hotel is also equipped with outdoor tea garden, swimming pool, restaurant, Tibetan karaoke and dance hall, beauty saloon, and parking lot, with free carwash service.
Add: No.22, Chamdo Xilu.
Tel: 0895-4825998

Chamdo Grand Hotel (2-star): The hotel has 59 rooms, including suites, single rooms, standard and economy rooms, with services including dining, hairdressing, parking, etc.
Add: No.19, Chamdo Xilu.
Tel: 0895-4844888

Markham Kangsheng Hotel (2-star): with luxury suites, standard and economy rooms (guest houses).
Add: Gatuo Jie, Markham County. Tel: 0895-4542668

Chamdo Kangsheng Hotel (2-star): Opened in 1998, it is also one of the good accommodations in Chamdo Town. You can walk to the Passenger Transport Station in just 5 minutes from here. The hotel has private bathroom and toilet. Hot water is available.  What's more, there is a supermarket nearby. Banks, China Post and China Telecom are also not far away.
Add: No. 10, Chamdo Xilu.
Tel: 0895-4823168

Guangming Hostel to the opposite of Kangsheng Hotel is budget. Public bathroom provides time hot water. Rest House of Passenger Transport Station is quite simple and crude. But it's cheap and good for finding a lift since many drivers like to stay there.

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