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Ngari Attractions

Ngari attraction - Mt. Kailash Even an average attitude exceeding 4,500m (14,764ft) is not to deter pilgrims and visitors from longing for Ngari. For hundreds of years, pilgrims not only from Tibet but as far as Sichuan Province, India and Nepal have trekked vast distances to realize their dreams: circumambulating around Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar to cleanse away sins. Nowadays, as transportation has become less cumbersome, more and more visitors join the hard but sacred kora. The awe-inspiring Mt. Kailash, the beautiful Lake Manasarovar, plus the devotional pilgrims constitute the most striking scenery, unrivaled elsewhere in the world. Moreover, Mt. Gurla Mandata , beloved by expedition teams with its alluring altitude (7,728m/25,354 ft), and Lake Rakshastal (Lhanag-tso) , known as 'lake of the demon' but peculiarly beautiful, are likewise, highly recommended sights to behold.  
Before purchasing supplies in Purang County for the latter part of the journey, one is suggested to visit the Khojarnath Monastery and the small, picturesque village where it is located. Being Influential in the Ngari region for over 1,000 years, the monastery is frequented by droves of Nepalese and Indian devotees on their pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. Mingled with different cultures and religions, endowed with a pleasant hospitable climate and populated by pure-minded people, the small village is amazingly unique and enchanting.  
Lake Manasarovar, Ngari travel, Tibet The trip will then head northwest for Zanda County, which is yet another Ngari destination. One may stroll in the marvelous Zanda Clay Forest and enjoy the spectacular sunrise and sunset along the Xiangquanhe Valley, or explore the shadowy palaces of the Ruins of Guge Kingdom to imagine its original splendor, or study the exquisite frescos and statues in the Tholing Monastery to trace the second wave of Buddism into Tibet. Boasting reputed historical remains as well as breathtaking natural scenery, can such a wonderful place as Zanda County be missed?  
Still further north, the charming 'swan' lake, Lake Palgon, awaits visitors in the county of Rutog. Uniquely different in the two counties it lies in, the lake bears not only pure beauty but is abundant in water plants and fish, making it an ideal home for birds. Bird Island, the most noted island within Lake Palgon, would be the best place to get a close view of the spectacular bird throngs. Moreover, a walk around Lake Palgon may bring the unexpected discoveries of the Rutog Rock Paintings and Rutog Cave Murals, which vividly present the life of ancient Tibetans.
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