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Topic: Confused, Help!

Posted: 2006-09-14 04:52:15

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 Author: SIMON

2006-09-14 04:52:15 GMT-5

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OK, I'm rather confused now. The nepal travel agency asked me to take a group visa if i want to enter to Tibet from Nepal. Can I then go to other cities of China without returning to Nepal? If mustindividual one, how can I get it? I really don't want to go back.
Any suggestion are welcomed!
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 Author: YOYO

2006-09-16 20:18:27 GMT-5

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Yes, if you want to enter Tibet from Nepal, the Nepal travel agency will change your visa into group one. Then you have to come back to Nepal and change it into individual visa.
If I were you, I would like to enter Tibet from mainland China, and then come to Nepal. That will be easier.
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Email: ***@***.***

2012-07-26 15:08:28 GMT-5

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ya i think India Gate will be better place but there is lots of pepeols n crowd will be there na so i need open silent place any other place can u suggest..???? 0Was this answer helpful?
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