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Topic: Camping on the Tibetan Plateau - excellent option!

Posted: 2004-09-08 21:54:41

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 Author: CLAUS

2004-09-08 21:54:41 GMT-5

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Due to the lack of other accomodation than the Chinese governed ones (where you as a tourist is forced to pay a huge overprice), bringing a tent and a warm sleeping bag is not a bad idea, especially if you count on doing a bit of travelling off the beaten track.

Western Tibet is perfect for camping and so is the Everest Region. As campgrounds don't exist, everything is done "wild", however, beware not to stay too close to the villages. Though most people are extremely friendly, some villages don't like tourists at all, or you might encounter one of the unpleasant mastiff dogs.

If you do happen to stay close to a village, ask permission first, just to avoid and unpleasant experiences.

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 Author: RG9403

2006-08-22 19:32:45 GMT-5

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hey claus,
i'm trying to make my way from north america to tibet. I'm looking to find someone that can help me get to somewhere in tibet where I can live off the land. Keeping in mind than i am not a poacher and am willing to follow any endangerment laws. Judging by your post about camping in tibet I thought you could help me. It seems most people travel to tibet on a beaten path ( too commercialized for me). If you can help me email me at Rg9403@aol.com. thank you for your time
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