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Topic: Magyia Ngami Restaurant In Lhasa

Posted: 2004-10-11 22:59:27

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 Author: TO TIBET

2004-10-11 22:59:27 GMT-5

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Magiyia Ngami refers to a small restaurant located at Barkor. Covering a total area of less than 200 square meters, it is dwarfed by a giant tower.However, most foreigners visiting Lhasa know it, and more than 30 journals and TV stations including those in Beijing, Hong Kong, Germany and Thailand have produced reports about it.

Throughout history, many millions have worshiped in front of Jokhand Monastery in Lhasa, burning smashed pine and cypress tree branches to create auspicious smoke and prostrating themselves on the stone paved Barkor Street. Many still take ritual walks along the street lined with stands offering a dazzling variety of ethnic handicrafts.

A small building standing in front of the giant sutra streamer at the southeastern corner of Barkor Street attracts visitors with its yellow color. It is small, but it is very famous in and outside China. Locals call it "the yellow house".

Its fame stems mainly from the fact the Tibetans worship white color and their houses are generally painted white. Only monasteries and residences for Living Buddhas and eminent monks wear"yellow robes". Legend has it that the 6th Dalai Lana often visited the building during his life, adding mysterious color to it.

The 6th Dalai Lama was a religious leader and a romantic poet. He often went out alone into monasteries for a better understanding of the life experienced by the general populace. Whenever he gained inspiration from this, he wrote a poem. Many of his poems depict the vicious side of feudalism. When he went to Lhasa, he loved to stay in that yellow building.

I visited to the yellow house in late May. Under the bright sun, the yellow color seemed even more pronounced against the backdrop of surrounding colors. Windows on the second floor provide a good view of the street bustling with ritual walkers, visitors and shoppers. Zholgar, a friend of mine, told me a story about the yellow house.
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 Author: ELLEN

2007-04-16 21:32:21 GMT-5

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Hi there, I love your stories. Tibet is often lingger on my mind as a myesterious angel to me. More often due to the religion. I used to be a girl who would caught headche at the murmuring of the Lamas, even if hearing them on the TV. (I haven't experinced it on spot :(). Howvever, after having a chance to learn more about Tibet and its religious belifs, local customs, I begin to cherish a respectful feeling for them, though I can't say I have understood them. I'm an atheist, but when someone asking me what religion if I believe in if I must choose one, I'd say Buddhism. I think many of the belifs in it are meaningful and can act as good teachings to us.

Could you tell us more stories about Tibet since you have been there?
PS: Magiyia Ngami is a good restaurant, What does that Yellow building called now and used for?
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