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Topic: Typical Tibetan Dining

Posted: 2004-02-04 03:11:17

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 Author: JEAN

2004-02-04 03:11:17 GMT-5

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I was heard that Tibetan food is quite difficult for our westerners to be accustomed. I am anxious abut it for my trip there in two month. Is it true?

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 Author: MIRANDA

2004-02-04 03:12:55 GMT-5

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I have ever been to Tibet in Sep 2002. It was a good trip for me. I cherish it as my nice memory until now.
Regarding to your question, my answer is do not worry about it, for that depends on different people. I am not sure maybe you like the flavor of Tibetan food.

In addition, you’d better bear one thing in mind that is vegetables is not sufficient in Tibet, thus it is wise to take some vitamins while traveling around to be as the supplement of your diet. In the meantime, try to eat more fresh fruit and drink plenty of mineral water at any time and anywhere.
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 Author: DEV

2004-02-05 03:27:54 GMT-5

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I am a raw fooder (except bread) and my wife is a fruitarian. I think carrying a ruksack full of dried fruits and other raw stuff (non-perishable) is unavoidable.

Any tips ?

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2004-02-05 20:30:05 GMT-5

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Hello Dev,
You are right. Different persons have different favorites on dining. In terms of your situation,
to guarantee your nice appetite, it is advisable for you to carry a rucksack full of dried fruits
and other non-perishable raw stuff. However, do not let you rucksack become excess baggage during your journey.

My friend have ever been to Tibet last July, he told me the unforgettable experience, and I am planning also a tour to Tibet in Autumn this year.
Below are all the daily commondities he told me which are of the first importance there.

with the altitude of 3000m, sun cream with the protection index of 60, sunglasses with a sun protection factor of 15, the lip creams and balms with SPF rating, towel, map.

Camera: You will regret not bring one.
Binoculars: Good for observing birds, wildlife, and distant scenery.

Money pouch or belt: Safer than a wallet for keeping your passport, meney, and valauable papers.

That is all I know Dev, hope my words can be of any help for you. I woould like to share any idea with you here to ensure both of us a wonderful trip in Tibet.
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