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Topic: Guangzhou to Lhasa?

Posted: 2007-01-08 03:16:26

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 Author: CAROL

2007-01-08 03:16:26 GMT-5

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Hi there,
I'm planning to take the train from Guangzhou to Lhasa. But I still have less idea about it. Anyone know something about the long trip? How long will it take? Is the train clean and safe? How about the cabin? Can I have individual cabin or must stay with others?
Thanks for any input.

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2007-03-08 12:23:39 GMT-5

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HI, i know, because i am work in travel agent in shenzhen china. if you have some request please contact me. my email address stephenpak04@hotmail.com , i can arranger your ticket and hotel in china and lhasa. thanks
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 Author: BILL

2007-04-02 18:26:58 GMT-5

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OK,you can contact tibetfit.service@gmail.com to arrange Qinghai-Tibet Train ticket with legal Tibet permit.
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 Author: SISI

2007-04-03 20:17:00 GMT-5

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Hi CArol, have you travelled to Tibet yet?
I have found a latest train schedule from Guangzhou to Lhasa for you in this website.
You may find every station on the way, the exact time at every station and the charge for the hard seat, hard sleeper and soft sleepers. So you can have a comparision with them.

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