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Topic: Michael Palin on Tibet

Posted: 2004-11-11 05:38:08

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 Author: ERINE1800

2004-11-11 05:38:08 GMT-5

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Hi everyone,

I was just on amazon.co.uk looking for travel guides for my upcoming trip to tibet when I came across some deleted DVD scenes from Michael Palin's Himalaya DVD. He's in Tibet and it's gorgeous - made me even more excited to go!

Anyone who is planning a trip to tibet (or who has ever wanted to) should definitely check it out!


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 Author: TOMFBH

2004-11-13 08:52:19 GMT-5

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I was seriously dissappointed with the way the BBC let Mr Palin bumble around the Himalayas for a few months. Yes he is a very funny man, and I love Money Python too, but the documentary was full of cheap laughs at the expense of Tibetans....
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2006-09-01 13:19:22 GMT-5

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i enjoyed the dvd but remember that michael palin is a millionaire paid by the BBC, has many MANY people to carry his equipment, book his travel/accomodation etc... your experience may be a little different
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Email: ***@***.***

2012-01-20 06:31:34 GMT-5

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AFAICT you've coveerd all the bases with this answer!
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