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Topic: anyone know Tibet hotel?

Posted: 2004-12-31 18:44:23

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 Author: JJ

2004-12-31 18:44:23 GMT-5

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Have u guy ever stay at Tibet Hotel number64 or not?

If yes is it good to stay there?

And also do u kno which website is the best webiste that I can go book the hotel and flight from Chengdu?

is it ok for me that I will stay in Lhasa for 5 nights and go out the city to see some attraction and caome back to stay at the city?

Ok please give me the ideas let me know big thanks.
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2005-01-05 02:22:56 GMT-5

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The Tibet Hotel is just 3 star, and the best one is the Lhasa Hotel (4star).

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 Author: MARY

2006-09-12 08:58:17 GMT-5

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Are you by any chance in Tibet? I met a student named Jennifer in Tibet about 4-5 years ago and haven't been able to get in touch with her ever since. She wanted to practice her English and invited me to her home.
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 Author: LTBT

2006-09-14 00:29:29 GMT-5

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I think best location or hotels in Lhasa are near by Barkhor street, I am from Lhasa, if you need detail info or help,write me at kedup_wildyak@hotmail.com
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