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Topic: driving in tibet

Posted: 2007-04-01 04:33:53

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 Author: PINO

2007-04-01 04:33:53 GMT-5

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Its true that now we can rent a car in lhasa and just drive around without the need of a driver?
We need also transportations to the Kailash and Ggce area
Any advice--Raccomandations?
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2007-04-02 18:15:53 GMT-5

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No, impossible,it is work in other country but not in Lhasa, Tibet. Normally when you hire a car, the driver will come along. Kailash and Guge Kingdom need to use vary good condition 4500 landcruiser, because of the road condition and need a good driver who vary familiar with this route. It will spend around 16-22 days, depend on your plan. My friends did Mt. Kailash trip last September. I only visited until EBC because of limited leave. You can consider email tibetfit.service@gmail.com, they have a nice trip with this agent, they provide good services with reasonable price. Ya, this is their web: www.Tibet4Holiday.com
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 Author: SYNTHIA

2007-04-03 20:33:11 GMT-5

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Hi Pino, Mt. Kailash is really one of the sacred spots in Tibet. It is quite imposing.
The mountain is located in Purang County, Ngari. and there are many hostles for you to stay. so you can travel from Lhasa to Purang County first. Here is the website for the transportation to Ngari.

Of course, if you are lucky enough, you can take a truck by the way or hire a jeep. You can also share the transporation with other partners, for the transportation fee in the Tibet is considerably large for its expansive land.
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 Author: SC3FI7DKFB
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2015-12-01 00:04:11 GMT-5

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Excellent report AIl, I look farword to seeing some new images. The opportunity to fully immerse in the landscape is rare these days, so I'm sure the trip will be a memorable experience to say the least. Theres nothing better than changeable weather, so I wish you an unpredictably meteorological time.
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