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Topic: Beijing - Lhasa train safe for women?

Posted: 2007-04-11 09:22:09

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2007-04-11 09:22:09 GMT-5

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Hi! We are two girls from India traveling from Beijing to Lhasa by train in a few weeks from now. Just wanted to get some feedback from people who have taken the train ... since it is a long journey, we were a little concerned about the safety factor.

Is security for solo women travllers an issue in Lhasa itself? We are very excited about our trip but our folks are pretty freaked out!...would be great if you can share your experience on this front with us!!

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 Author: ELLEN

2007-04-11 20:04:47 GMT-5

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My dears, I'd like to say something from my experience.
The safety of the train itself is no bother to worry about. I think the key problem for traveling by the train is the Mountain Sickness, that is the high altitude of the plateau. You need to have a full body examination before you starting. Don't take less account of the small sickness of cold too, that will be terrible if you caught such in the plateau.
And along the way, the train has
oxygen provision mouth under every seat which you can breathe into. The line from Qinghai to Tibet has sudden change of altitude and may last for a long time, so you can stop in Xining or Golmud for 1 or 3 days if you can't adapt to it. But don't worry too much about it if you are healthy.
In addition, I need to warn you that the schedule of the train has been changed and the train speeds up, a good news for you!
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 Author: CLOUD

2007-04-16 05:13:59 GMT-5

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yes, of course
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