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Topic: flights from Beijing

Posted: 2007-04-12 04:13:35

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 Author: FULVIO

2007-04-12 04:13:35 GMT-5

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hi there,

does anyone know which airlines fly from beijing to lhasa, which one is the cheapest?
is this the cheapest way to reach lhasa by plane?

Thank u for you suggestions.

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 Author: CLOUD

2007-04-12 19:43:54 GMT-5

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Hi there, the flight CA4111 flies between Beijing and Lhasa, you can refer to this site for the details.
I think taking the Tibet Railway is also a good choice for you to get to Tibet, which is cheaper and provide more time for you to acclimatize the high altitudes.
In addition, you can also first fly to Nyingchi of Tibet, which is lower and have pleasant scenery and climate.
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