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Topic: will scanned copy of permit do?

Posted: 2007-05-07 02:52:10

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 Author: KEVIN

2007-05-07 02:52:10 GMT-5

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Hi....I am taking a flight to Lhasa and have arranged the tour through a Lhasa travel agent. The agent has sent me a scanned image of the Permit. Can I use the scan of the permit to travel or do I need the original?

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 Author: ELLEN

2007-05-07 20:11:24 GMT-5

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Yes, you need the original travel permit to travel in Tibet. Foreign individuals are not allowed to travel in Tibet. The individuals can only be organized together in the representative official department of TTB (Tibet Tourism Bureau)in Beijing, Shanghai, CHengdu or Golmud, or in a legal travel agency before traveling.

For travelers to Tibet from Chengdu, Golmud, Xian, Chongqing and other places, the original travel permit is demanded to buy a plane or other ticket.
For travelers to Tibet from Katmandu, the travel permit is demanded to gain the visa or signment before entering Tibet.

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2007-05-14 10:41:26 GMT-5

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Please get a original Tibet permit from your travel agent, as recently the checking is vary strict. Please note that, the place you will visit will be written in permit, if only stated Lhasa, then only legally travel around Lhasa. If you will travel Everest Base Camp, please make sure it will stated Everest Base Camp as well. Howver, PSB permit is needed for EBC and unopen area.
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