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Topic: tibet travel agencies, which ones do you know?

Posted: 2007-07-05 13:53:13

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 Author: FEECHEN

2007-07-05 13:53:13 GMT-5

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dear all...

we are two of those people with only limited time and resources, but will be travelling tibet in september 2007.

we have booked a tour from katmandu to lhasa and then wish to embark on a second tour (a tailored tour also including possibilities for hiking 2-3 times for 3-5 hours each) - we wish to go from lhasa to samye, yumbulakhang, ganden, lhundrub, reting, nam-tso, yangbajain, tsurphu and back to lhasa in 5 days.

we have contacted the following agencies and gotten some quotes from them (however, not all agencies want to offer what we want to do). prices differ quite a bit, but we are not sure which agencies are good and which are not... do you know any of these?
visit tibet
dreams travel
tibet tours
tibet holyland tour
access tibet tour
moreover, we have contacted banak shol fit (no reply yet) and another fit office (no reply yet), as well as lhasa travel (no quote yet).

any opinions, ideas, other suggestions or great agencies that can tailor a trip for us and maybe also help us find two other people to join us!?

thanks for your help.

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 Author: METEOR

2007-07-06 05:02:43 GMT-5

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I have heard of tibettour, acesstibet, but without any idea how are they like.
Tibetrip is in my favor, I have had a wonderful trip with the guide of them.

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2007-07-08 18:51:56 GMT-5

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We have a wonderful trip with TibetFit at email tibetfit.service@gmail.com , highly recommend by many backpackers.
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