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Topic: Experiences of Traveling to Tibet?

Posted: 2007-07-10 03:52:18

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2007-07-10 03:52:18 GMT-5

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I had been to Tibet twice, and these have some of the most memorable of my travel experiences...quite mesmerising...

Been to a few places other than Lhasa, and I'd like to get the feedback from other members as well on their travel experiences in Tibet...it surely is a unique place on earth, in my opinion...

Of course, I doubt you can travel on a very low budget (you can ), but if one manages things well, it is not a bad deal from money point of view too
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 Author: SISI

2007-07-10 04:40:32 GMT-5

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Yes, traveling to Tibet is really an extravagant hope for me now. But I'll remember the tour in my heart until I can realise it.
Can I ask which areas you have visited? I think Lhasa is always the must-see for the Tibet enthusiasts, why don't you choose it as a destination? And what cost the most in Tibet?
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 Author: ELLEN

2007-07-10 04:50:24 GMT-5

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Maybe everyone has their hopes for Tibet. The mountaineers desire the height of the peaks, the pilgrims desire the holiness of the land, the sightseers desire the dinstinctive scenery there, while the Tibetan researchers desire the deep and exotic culture and local customs.
I have just read a news this morning that an old oversea Chinese couple who have exceeded 90 years old are traveling to Tibet by air, they just want to visit the countryside and feel the life and the unique scenery and local customs there. That's their dream!

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