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Topic: 7 unique itinaraties for the winter travel

Posted: 2007-10-09 20:48:39

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 Author: SYNTHIA

2007-10-09 20:48:39 GMT-5

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Tibet is not at all dull in winter. Traveling to Tibet in winter can be another enjoyment for you if you have arranged the proper itinararies.

Here are some unique choices recommended for traveling in Lhasa:
1. Spend the Tibetan New Year in a local family
2. Lhasa River, Lalu Wetland - seeing birds
3. Yampachen- Enjoy a spa in the terrestrial heat and hot springs
4. Nyangri Local Customs Garden - Taste the improved Tibetan dishes
5. Lhasa Ancient Local Houses
6. Lhasa Railway Station- symbolic project of Qinghai- Tibet Railway
7. Appreaciating Snow-clad Peaks and glaciers

Besides, the Potala Palace is very free this time, you can visit as long as you can at ease.

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2007-11-10 03:14:50 GMT-5

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Tibet, a mystical land,is a charming tourist destination. When visited there,I was awed by the grand Potala Palace and the snow-capped mountains.Anyway, it is a wonderful experience.
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