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Topic: Shopping in Tibet

Posted: 2009-03-10 20:02:52

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2009-03-10 20:02:52 GMT-5

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Besides enjoying Tibet's fantastic sights, shopping is another great choice. The great charm of the local culture, religion, art and folklore has made Tibet great place for picking up spectacular souvenirs.
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Barkhor is the best shopping market in Lhasa and is a must for every tourist. Tourist can find lots of odd and fascinating stuff, for religious and secular uses. Small shops and stalls on the street sell a variety of items like prayers flags, Buddha figures, conch-shell trumpets, rosaries, amulets, fur hats, horse bells, bridles, copper teapots, wooden bowl, inlaid knives and jewelry inlaid with turquoise and other gems. A curious seeker can find temple bells, conch-shell trumpets, rosaries, prayer wheels, amulets and a variety of jewelry made of turquoise, coral and silver. Most of the prayer wheels, bracelets, necklaces and other small items are made by Tibetans in Nepal and India.

Walking around the octagon street, your eyes will be dazzled by the numerous kinds of handicrafts-ornaments, knives, tanka, tapestries, religious musical instruments, gold and silver ware, and masks and so on. There are many antiques available which are produced in great numbers, but you can also find real treasures-precious natural gems, valuable porcelain ware, unearthed ancient coins and relics from temples. Yakhorns and the skulls of wild taking are very popular with tourists. Even Buddhist scriptures and colorful inscribed banners win favor with the tourists, especially those from abroad.

Exotic Tibetan opera masks and costumes are interesting items to buy. Bright and beautiful homespun Tibetan rugs and Tibetan khaddar are also popular souvenirs. Tourists can easily find things which are of individuality and appeal to them.

Tibetan rugs can be found hanging on display along the Barkhor. Some of these have more individuality and appeal. Older house and horse rugs are of wool and usually have soft colors; newer rugs are usually of a wool mix and are brighter. As you amble clockwise around the Jokhang Monastery you may be approached by Tibetan pilgrim-traders eager to sell you their own swords, invalid knives, jewelry, Buddha figures.

In Xigaze, Zetang and Gyangze there are quite a few markets displaying these crafts. If time permits, tourists can visit gold factories, witnessing the whole process of production, or watching a piece of handicraft made according to your own specifications.

If you are interested in the Tibet's culture, go there and find your favorite souvenirs.
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