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Topic: Tibet useful Tips

Posted: 2009-08-23 23:21:07

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 Author: CHITHANH119

2009-08-23 23:21:07 GMT-5

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I am happy to share my information for those who are interested in Tibet travel. Hope it useful.

1.Can I travel to Tibet by myself?
No. According to China's regulation, individual travel to Tibet is not allowed. You have to join a group and we can help you find one at any time.

2.What are the hotels like in Tibet?
Tourism in Tibet is in its infancy and the number of 5 star hotels is quite limited. The newer hotels have been built away from the city center to protect the city's history and environment. These hotels have central heating which is used in winter but no cooling is available in summer. We would still warn that the facilities and service standard may not be as you would expect from a hotel with this rating in other parts of the world. Older hotels located in the city have a good location but will not provide the level of comfort of the newer hotels and may not have any central heating. The level of service and facilities may be quite basic. Staff will probably not speak much English. Hotels in small cities and the Everest Base camp are very basic. They will usually have a shared bathroom with squat toilet.

3.When is the best time to visit Tibet?

The best time to travel to Tibet is between May and October. The weather during other time is quite cold and makes sight seeing more difficult. The difficulty created by this short season is that it can be very crowded making travel and hotel reservations difficult and the quality of guiding services erratic.

4.Could you give me some advice on clothing when traveling in Tibet?

Temperature differs dramatically between daytime and night. Lhasa, the capital city, could have a temperature during daytime of around 10-25 Centigrade, but at night, temperature may plummet to 0 Centigrade or lower. You are advised to bring thick, warm coats when traveling Tibet. The roads are very dusty so you may wish to consider wearing dark colored clothing.

5.Do I need a guide when I go to Tibet?

The Chinese government requires that all travelers be acompanied by a tour guide at all times so that travelers' safety can be maximized.

6.Can I travel Tibet with my child?

Tibet may not be an ideal destination for young Children. The climate and generally harsher conditions in Tibet may not be ideal for young children. The sights and attractions are not those which children like to visit and facilities will be very primitive. If you do decide to bring your young child to Tibet please ensure that you bring all your child's daily needs with you.
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 Author: TIBET_OCT

2009-09-08 01:22:27 GMT-5

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I am looking to join a group for my Oct Tibet tour. So what is your contact? Email me at idreamoflying@yahoo.com.
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Email: ***@***.***

2009-11-28 05:15:45 GMT-5

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First key to budget travel is to plan ahead. Organized the places and activities you want to experience.
Make sure that you always focus of the things you want to enjoy your travel. Things to learn, peoples to meet, views to see, adventure to experience is the basic thing in travel that is very important to make your travel become a real travel.

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Email: ***@***.***

2009-12-08 01:34:54 GMT-5

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I am not yet visit Tibet we are just planning to visit this their. Hope this could be memorable.
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 Author: RAJESHN

2011-04-11 01:23:46 GMT-5

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Thanks for the tips , any budget estimation for a week Tibet trip.
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