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Topic: Travelling with type 1 diabetes and young child

Posted: 2010-03-10 07:29:00

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 Author: MARIE
Email: mly_@hotmail.com

2010-03-10 07:29:00 GMT-5

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Has anyone travelled to Tibet or Nepal with young children? My partner and I are planning a trip from Australia to China, Nepal and India for September-November this year with our 4year old and are worried about the high altitudes in Tibet and Nepal. Did anyone have any health issues with their children? Is medical aid of a high standard?

Also has anyone travelled to high altitudes with type 1 diabetes? (This question is for me - I'm 26). I've read that meters don't work accurately?! Did the change in altitude or extreme weather significantly change the way you had to handle your diabetes? Any experiences or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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2010-09-28 04:58:37 GMT-5

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In my opinion you should concern to any Doctor before traveling so that you don't have any kind of problem and he can only advice you best by seeing your test reports.
On other hand you are with kids so take care of the following points.
The Basics
Antiseptic hand gel
Small tissue packs
Sun screen
Sun glasses
Hats and visors
Light weight wind breaker

For Extra Safety

Dr.'s phone numbers
Rubber door stop to provide extra security for a hotel room door
Small plug in nightlight - to help find the bathroom in the middle of the night
Photo of your child to keep in your wallet in case someone gets lost
Extra copy of birth certificates, photo id, travel reservations and airline tickets

When Going on a Road Trip

Frisbee - great for some quick exercise when making a stop. Also can be used for a handy tray for eating on.
Plastic Boxes - one for each child, to hold their supplies - the lid makes a great desk. Fill with crayons, mechanical pencils, highlighters (great for word search games).
Clean Water - several bottles of water work best for drinking, a quick wash up, cleaning a scrape and so on. Buy a case for the trunk or refill at rest stops.
Lightweight Blanket - small child's blanket for cuddling with at nap time, blocking the sun or using as a pillow.
Paper Towels - for quick clean ups.
Snacks - saltines, goldfish crackers - any kind of lightly salted dry cracker. Hard candy, such as life savers or tick tacks.
Compass - fun for the kids if they want to help navigate.
Zip Lock Bags - bring several different sizes. These come in very handy for collecting items (shells), storing food, wet clothes...
Trash bags - for storing laundry, wet items or for keeping the car clean.
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 Author: CAMELLIA89
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2010-10-27 21:57:23 GMT-5

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i also have never been to China but i watch a lots picture of Great wall on Tivi. I want to travel to this once time. Maybe i will take a plan to go there.
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