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Topic: British passport holders - trek to Mt. Kailash

Posted: 2014-07-26 04:31:50

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 Author: JLAM
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2014-07-26 04:31:50 GMT-5

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We need at least one (preferably two) UK passport holders to join a trip to Western Tibet, driving across the country from Lhasa to Mount Kailash where we will do the 3 day trek round the mountain. We will then be driven to the Nepal border to end the trip in Kathmandu. (16 - 29 September. One of the best times to visit Tibet.)

The tour has been organized by a very reputable Tibetan travel agency and will cost about 1,500 pounds per person (32,900 RMB for two). You ALSO need to pay your airfare to Lhasa and back from Kathmandu. (The major Chinese airlines now all have very modern fleets of Boeing and Airbus and have a good safety record. The best/cheapest way to get to Lhasa and back from Kathmandu may be to fly to a major Chinese city such as Guangzhou or Beijing and fly in and out of there.)

Our problem is that the Chinese Authorities will only issue a permit for trekking Mount Kailash to a group of at least 3 people of the SAME nationality and there are only two of us.

If you are interested please contact us immediately to discuss details/ask questions.
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