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Undoubtedly, accommodation in Ngari is not as comfortable as one might wish. The lack of a constant supply of electricity and hot water is probably the most troublesome problem that one will encounter. However, it is not quite as unbearable as one imagines either. In most of the towns and counties in the Ngari region, hotels and hostels provide basic accommodation facilities, with hot water and electricity usually being supplied at night.  

In the Town of Shiquanhe
Hotels and hostels are mostly scattered around the Crossroad in the town of Shiquanhe. New hotel buildings have emerged while many of the previous ones have been renovated in recent years.  

  Shiquanhe Hotel (2-Star): located on No. 1 North Shiquanhe River District, it is the best-equipped hotel in the town of Shiquanhe. Hot water is supplied from 7 pm to 12 pm. 

  Ying Hostel, Ngari: Adjacent to the Administrative Office of Ngari Prefecture, Ying Hostel attracts travelers with its relatively convenient facilities and cheap room rates. This is one of the few hostels that are equipped with en suite toilets and the average rate is CNY 45-70 per bed. This hostel does not have a hot water supply but there is a public bathroom opposite where one may bathe prior to 7 pm daily.  

In Purang County
Most of the hotels and hostels in Purang County have neither en suite toilets nor a hot water supply. Here one is obliged to use the public bathrooms.  

  Peacock Hostel: It is the best-equipped hotel in Purang County and can be found next to the Government Office of Purang County. Though lacking private toilets and bathrooms, the hotel provides clean and comfortable lodging facilities and has standard rooms, double rooms, single rooms, etc. to choose from.

  Rest House of the People's Armed Police Department: one of its advantages lies in the public bathroom, at the charge of CNY 10 per person. Moreover, hitchhikers can inquire the information desk about hitchhiking by the army cars which head for the town of Shiquanhe. 

Around Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar

  Gangdise Rest House: located in the village of Darchen, at the foot of Mt. Kailash, it is frequented by travelers and pilgrims who plan to make circumambulations around the Sacred Mountain. The rate is RMB 60 per bed and during peak seasons, it is possible to set up one's tent in the yard, with a charge of CNY 15-20 per person. Electricity is supplied by a generator.

  Shenshan Rest House: next to Gangdise Rest House, it provides similar facilities and service to the Gangdise Rest House. There is a small rest house in the lakeside village near to Lake Manasarovar, providing basic lodging facilities at the rate of CNY 20 per bed. An open public bathroom which has been made from a hot spring may wash away the exhaustion of circumambulations for a charge of CNY 10 per person. One can lodge in the temples on the circumambulation route around Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarovar, although it is a matter of taking them as you find them so far as facilities are concerned.

In Zanda County

  Zanda Hostel: the 2-storey building provides no luxury facilities but a beautiful view of the Xiangquanhe Valley and the Tholing Monastery. The lowest rate is CNY 25 per bed.

  Rest House of the People's Armed Police Department: it is about 300m (328 yards) from the Tholing Monastery, at the rate of CNY 30 per bed. 

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