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  Dear Travel Consultants,

We absolutely loved our China trip and your services. We would highly recommend you to our friends and family.A few reflections listed below do not change our overall experience but may help you to improve.

1. Meals were great. A lot of Westerners love deserts which are not well represented in Chinese cuisine, but we would love to give up a few main dishes for a desert! The best dish - beer fish in Youngshuo recommended by Kevin!

2.All giudes were excellent. We would like especifically recognize Lily in Xian and Kevin in Guilin. We would like to apologize for not reading the comments provided by the guides carefully.

3.Cars and drivers without any questions were perfect.

4.We were promised the copy of our reservation for flight from Yichang to Shanghai. I understand it may take a little bit of time.Flights for the price of luxury tour should be direct.

Despite above suggested possibilities for improvement, the overall experience was exceptional. With your help we were able to immerse into Chinese history, culture, cuisine and beauty of your country. We appreciate your excellent effort to coordinate this comprehensive trip.


Clients' Infomation: Mr. Kokoszka, Marek Jozef, Ms. Kokoszka, Joanna Celina and Ms. Kokoszka, Emilia Aleksandra,Edina, MN, US

ltinerary : 18-Day Luxury Tours of Beijing - Lhasa - Xian - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise - Yichang- Shanghai

  Dear Irene Zhou,

We enjoyed our visit to Lhasa and Beijing. If I have chance, I would like to come back once again and use the same guide. They were helpful, knowledagable and keen to our demands.

All the arrangements are well-orded,our tour went very smoothly. Thanks for the nice time in China and we were deeply impressed by your service.


Vibha gupta

Clients' Infomation: Ms.Vibha Gupta and Ms. Abha Gupta,New Delhi, IN

ltinerary : 8-Day Standard Tours of Beijing - Lhasa - Beijing

  Dear Maggie and Vicky:

We are now in Japan visiting our daughter. I'll answer you questionaire, but before let me tell you that all your service was perfect, first class and we have absolutely no complaints. Now, to your questions:

1.- We liked all meals, without exception.

2.- The guides were conscientious, knowledgeable, were equally helpful and eager to fulfill any of our needs. They all demosctrated deep knowledge of their areas. We even had a Spanish speaking guide in Shanghai. To point out just one of them would not be fair to the rest.

3.- Drivers were careful, courteous and safe without exception. Cars were clean.

We had a memorable experience in our first trip to China and we think it was thanks to the efficiency of the your company's organization. If in the future we go back to China we will certainly arrange the trip with you.

Best regards,

Saul and Sonia Ziperovich

Clients' Infomation: Mr. Ziperovich Saul Ariel and Ms. Berjman Sonia Leonor,Buenos Aires, CF, AR

ltinerary : 18 - Day Super Deluxe Tours of Beijing - Xian - Chongqing - Yangtze River Cruise - Yichang - Shanghai - Guilin - Yangshuo - Guilin - Hong Kong

  Dear Joan/Emma,

Our overall impression of your organization was excellect. Whatever the guide's attitude, or their language and knowledage. I enjoy our tour in China, it was great successful. Thanks for all your staff in offering us such a wonderful tour.

Norm Hansen

Clients' Infomation: Mr. norman charles hansen and Ms. barbara jean hansen,South San Francisco, California, US

ltinerary : 18-Day Luxury Tours of Beijing - Xi'an- Shanghai - Suzhou - Zhouzhuang - Shanghai - Guilin - HongKong- Macau - HongKong

  Hello Ladies,

Great experience to China, I feel so lucky to choose your service. Some brief comments is given below, hope it will be helpful.

The meals were quite agreeable but the best was the Duck banquet. Both guides were very knowledgeable and helpful. The guides spoke good english.

The minibuses provided were very clean and acceptable. There was plenty of space for our party of 8 adults.

Our family group were very impressed with the tour and the services we received., the level of english was excellent and the guides were very aware of the differing needs of our party.

Clients' Infomation: Mr. Ray Smith, Ms. Shelley Ann Smith, Dorothy Downes, Daniel Barnaby Smith, Marie Clare Morrison, Jonathan Ray Smith, Benjamin Nathan Smith,UK

ltinerary : 4-Day Standard Tours of Beijing - Xian

  Dear Ruby,

Let me thank you for a fantastic tour of the Beijing area! The guide, Jason Yin was the best we have ever had. He was pleasant, enthusiast and very knowable about the sites and about China's history. He alone was the highlight of the trip.

The hotel was great and is it one of the best in the world.

The best part was we were never taken in to stores that we didn't want to go or were delayed to fit the company schedule.

We had a 22 passenger car which was great with lots of room and was always clean.
1. The meals were great. The two best were the Peking Duck, and a second restaurant which was very good and in beautiful setting at a hotel. I've lost they card, and if you can send me their name I would be thankful.
2. The guides English was American and was easy to follow.
3. He was very knowledgeable about every place we visited

Thank you,

Sheldon Z, Masel MD

Clients' Infomation: Sheldon Z, Masel MD,Florida, the USA

ltinerary : 5-Day Beijing Trip

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