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The Chamdo Region is large and many of the towns are in remote areas, so it is advisable to obtain all your necessities in Chamdo Town. The commercial center in Chamdo Town is the area in and around Chamdo Xi Lu, where stores, supermarkets, bookstores, banks, post and telephone offices are located. You will find most of the things you need in this busy street. Shopping in Chamdo Region will also provide a good opportunity to buy rare and precious medicines and delicate handicrafts. Because of the abundant natural resource, rare medicines such as cordyceps, snow lotuses, muskiness, rhubarbs, hairy antlers and many others are available in this region. Besides, local fish, agaric, Tibetan pear, wines and nuts are also special and featured. The Chamdo Region has a long and renowned history of quality handicrafts. Over the years, craftsmen have combined the Tibetan style with Han, Mongolian, Nepalese and Indian styles to produce a unique Chamdo style. Various gold and silver ornaments, Tibetan knives and boots, Tibetan rugs and jade carvings made by craftsmen are popular in Kham and Tsang. What's more, traditional carving, painting and dye works are also flourishing this region.
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