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Oiga Hot Springs

Oiga, a small town situated in Zangri County, Shannan, is generously bestowed by the natural resource of water. Seven hot springs are dotted on the Oiga Plateau, with three rivers winding through the area and respectively symbolizing the three Buddhas: Manjusri Bodhisattva, Avalokitesvara and Vajradhara. The hot springs are en route to Lhamo Latso and formerly served as the resting and bathing places for Dalai Lamas who made their pilgrimages to the lake. Presently, there are four hot springs open to the public, among which, the one called Choluka is exclusive for Dalai Lamas, while another was once honored by Tsong Khapa (1357-1419), founder of the Gelugpa Sect.   The hot springs, with an average temperature of between 30 C-65 C, are popular with the locals for their effects on preventing and curing diseases. Other than a religious adoration associated with Tsong Khapa and Dalai Lamas , the hot springs are indeed endowed with various microelements and mineral resources, which are indispensable and beneficial to the human body.

Public bathrooms have been erected on the four hot springs by the local government, while numerous small bathing pools are built open in air by the local people, with free charges.    
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