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Yamdrok Yumtso Lake

Yamdrok Yumtso Lake, Shannan, Tibet Yandrok Yumtso Lake, together with Lake Namtso and Lake Manasarovar, are considered to be the Three Sacred Lakes of Tibet. Yandrok Yumtso Lake is the biggest inland lake in the northern Himalayas. With an altitude of 4,441 meters (about 4,857 yards), it covers an area of 638 square kilometers (about 246 square miles). Dozens of small islands are scattered throughout the lake. The biggest one holds five or six families, while the smallest one is only a few hundred square yards. Grass grows in bountiful supply on the banks of the lake, and this area has become one of the most famous meadows in Tibet. In addition Yandrok Yumtso Lake is home to the biggest population of waterfowl in Tibet. Each summer countless swans, sand birds and other kinds of waterfowl frolic with each other. This creates a grand view! The lake water of Yandrok Yumtso Lake is like a pure blue velour, mysterious and seeming animated. The vista is a remarkable picture composed of snow-capped mountains, glaciers, islands, meadows and small lovely villages-few visitors are able to resist its beauty. There is a beautiful legend about this amazing lake. A long time ago the present Yandrok Yumtso Lake was just the mouth of a spring. A rich family lived by it. Dawa, a hearty young man, was a servant of this family. One day he saved a small golden fish stranded beside the spring. Then something happened. The fish turned into a pretty girl and gave Dawa a treasure. All of this was discovered by Dawa's master, an evil and malicious man. He forced Dawa to take him to the spring to find the treasure and the girl. Unfortunately Dawa was pushed into the spring and got drowned. At this very moment the pretty girl emerged and turned into a huge wave, which crashed down on the evil man, drowning him. From then on the spring became a blue and charming lake.
 Getting there:
The shuttle buses on the old route (Lhasa-Yamdrok Yumtso Lake-Gyangtse-Shigatse) have been cancelled. So if you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of that lake, you have to rent a car or another kind of vehicle.
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