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Graveyard of Tibetan Kings

Graveyard of Tibetan Kings, Shannan. The Graveyard of Tibetan Kings is an area in which the kings who lived from the 7th to the 9th century AD are buried. It is the largest such collection of tombs in Tibet. The whole graveyard covers a total area of more than 10,000 square meters (about 2.5 acres), and looks, from a distance, like an undulating range of small mountains. A pair of stone lions still guards the Graveyard; one of them has been broken, but the other remains intact except for one broken leg. Due to the natural destructive effects of the environment and the accumulation of quicksand, some tombs on hills have mixed with knaps. So scholars cannot be sure of the exact number of the tombs in the Graveyard. The largest and most famous tomb, located on the river bank, is said to be the tomb of Songtsen Gampo and his wife Princess Wencheng. A small shrine, featuring statues of the famous couple, stands on the tomb. The gate of the tomb faces the hometown of Sakyamuni in order to show the piety to the founder of Buddhism. Statues of Songtsen Gampo and Sakyamuni can be found in the sacred hall. In addition, many funerary objects, including silver, gold, pearls, are on display. On the left of this tomb, a suit of armor belonging to Songtsen Gampo was buried, and to the right of his tomb there are soldiers and war horses made of gold that were intended to be the king's chamberlains after his death.
 Getting there:
It is about 90 kilometers (about 55.9 miles) from Tsedang to the Graveyard of Tibetan Kings. There is a shuttle bus on this route, and the cost is about CNY 4. An alternative is to wait in Testang and hitch a ride with a passing car or tractor. Or you can rent a car or a mini bus.

Admission Fee:
CNY 30

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