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Tibetan food, Dining in Lhasa Tibetan foods are quite special. Yak butter tea, tsampa, beef and lamb are major foods of Tibetans. Chang and various milk products are also very popular. Some Tibetan foods are light, without spicy seasonings while others are hot, deeply affected by Sichuan Cuisine. Tibetan restaurants in Lhasa are quite characteristic. Visitors can enjoy both tasty food and Tibetan culture in the restaurants.

In Lhasa, you will find other kinds of food you may want to eat. Beijing cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Mongolian and even western-style cuisine are easily to be found in the city. Deji Lu, where you will find about 100 restaurants, is the most popular dining place among locals. Western and Tibetan style restaurants in Beijing Lu and the Barkhor Street are always crowded with visitors. Some big hotels also serve Nepalese and Indian food.

  Aloo Gang is located on Dosengge Lu. The vegetarian food, yak butter tea and soup they serve are delicious.

  Barkhor Cafe on the Barkhor Street has various tasty drinks and foods, and visitors can surf on the internet in the cafe. Their yak butter tea and sweet tea are nice. What's more, sitting in the second floor, one has a lovely view overlooking the Jokhang Temple .

  Ethnic Restaurant lies at Beijing Dong Lu, opposite the Kirey Hotel. As one of the largest Tibetan restaurants in Lhasa, it provides first class Tibetan cuisine as well as other popular food.

  Ganglamedo Bar & Restaurant is not only a restaurant and bar, but also a gallery, a tattoo center and a place where you can bask in the sunshine. They provide Tibetan, Nepal, Western and Chinese food, books and music, tasty coffee and pizza, beer and paintings. It lies opposite the Yak Hotel, Beijing Dong Lu.

Makye Ame Restaurant in Barkhor Street, Lhasa

  Kailash Restaurant on the rooftop of the Banak Shol Hotel on Beijing Dong Lu is also a good choice. They provide excellent service and a variety of foods including breakfast, yak burgers and several vegetarian options.

  Lhasa Kitchen near the Snowland Hotel provides tasty and inexpensive Nepalese food. The restaurant is clean and neat, with English-speaking Nepalese waiters and waitresses.

  Mad Yak Restaurant lies near the Kirey Hotel on Beijing Dong Lu. The Tibetan food they provide has a good reputation. Traditional Tibetan dance and music are also featured in the restaurant.

  Makye Ame Restaurant on the southeastern corner of the Barkhor is quite popular among western travelers for the beautiful story told of what once happened there. The yellow building is said to be the place where the Sixth Dalai Lama met a lovely young girl named Makye Ame. Now it is a bar and restaurant serving tasty pasta pesto and coffee. You can also surf on the internet or play cards with friends in this comfortable restaurant.

  Mandala Restaurant on the Barkhor Steet serves tasty Nepalese food in quite a low price. Yak sizzler, the chicken curry set and vegetable curry with rice are the most popular dishes of the restaurant.

  North America Fast Food on Beijing Dong Lu serves hamburgers, hotdogs, soups and similar fare.

  Snowlands Restaurant next to Snowlands Hotel on Mentsikhang Lu serves a mixture of western, Tibetan and Nepalese food. Its Nepalese food and pizza are especially good.

  Tashi Restaurant close to Penthoc Guesthouse in Mentsikhang Lu is the favorite of many travelers. They have Tibetan style food including Tibetan momos (meat dumplings), tsampa and fried yak meat as well as spaghetti, mashed potatoes and fries. The pictures of Tibet on the walls are beautiful and alluring.

  Xinfeng Restaurant at Beijing Dong Lu provides western food. The hamburger roast cake they provide is very popular.

  Xue Shen Gong Restaurant (Snow Deity Palace) is the right place for those who would like to taste authentic Tibetan food. It lies west of the Potala Palace . Its Tibetan waiters speak fluent English.

Restaurants in the Lhasa Hotel and the Tibet Hotel offer authentic western food as well as pleasant environments. Visitors can enjoy local dances while eating delicious western food. Small restaurants scattered in every corner of Lhasa offer unexpected delights. You can enjoy the satisfaction of finding an excellent restaurant while visiting Lhasa.

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