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Dining in Ngari is much more expensive than expected. Influenced by a harsh climate, there are limited varieties of food and vegetables, and fruits are to the most part imported from the other areas. In Purang County where the climate is the most hospitable within the Ngari Region, there is a wider range of local produce available. Restaurants which supply Tibetan food, Sichuan Cuisine and Xinjiang dishes can be found in most towns and counties.

  Sichuan Restaurant, the town of Shiquanhe, supplies typical Sichuan dishes. Pot-braised food and Sichuan-flavored fish are highly recommended.

  Xinjiang Restaurant is located near the vegetable market at the town of Shiquanhe. The hand held rice and roasted lamb&beef of authentic Xinjiang flavor definitely deserve a try.

  Red Chili Restaurant, Zanda County, supplies savory Sichuan pot-braised food.

  Li Restaurant is located by the side of Lake Palgon. Delicious fish dishes, made from fish fresh from the lake, are supplied at a very cheap price, usually CNY 20 per person.

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