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Men's Day in the Village of Khojarnath
While men who live in the modern world may desire a men's festival, those in the village of Khojarnath are blessed with five days every year to do nothing but cozily enjoy being cared as a 'God'. In this small village which is located in Purang County , the celebration of the Men's Day takes place from Feb 11to Feb 15 in the Tibetan Calendar every year. It is during these five days that men, ranging from the age of 18 to the eldest in the village, gather in the square in front of the Khojarnath Monastery , eating, drinking as well as watching Tibetan operas. The food, which is exclusively shared by men, has been collected throughout the village by the most respectable seniors before the celebration is held. Women dress up in attires made of silk, sheepskin and otter skin and wear costly jewels and agates which are special for Tibetan New Year 's Day and some other important occasions. However, these beautifully dressed women, as well as children, are not allowed to sit with the men on their cushions but stand beside them in attendance with wine while the men celebrate their holiday by feasting.

As soon as the five-day celebration finishes, women will resume charge of family affairs and possessions, a custom of which has been popularly adopted and handed down from generation to generation in this small village.

'Xuan' Dance
The Guge Kingdom, which boasted dazzling splendor but mysteriously disappeared some 4,000 years ago, has left us not only the magnificent ruins of palaces and exquisite murals but also a profound culture represented by various cultural forms. The 'Xuan' Dance, originally represented in the murals of the Ruins of Guge Kingdom , is performed with slow rhythms and usually accompanied by singing. Exclusively for female dancers, it is usually performed on the occasion of Tibet New Year's Day and wedding ceremonies in Zanda County, the people of which are believed to be the descendants of the Guge Kingdom.

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