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With the opening of Nyingchi Airport, Nyingchi, the lowest and mildest region in Tibet, has become the favorite destination for more and more travelers. Nyingchi can offer very satisfactory lodging conditions on the whole. Visitors to the administrative center, Bayi Town, can enjoy different standards of lodging places, ranging from three star hotels to guest houses. Comparatively, the lodging conditions in other counties are poorer, with only guest houses or home hostels. For some other remote areas or around some scenic spots, camping may be an alternative for an overnight stay.     

Nyingchi Hotel (to-be-3-star)

The hotel enjoys a good environment with Basum Lake, the Huge Cypress Nature Reserve and the Lamaling Monastery  nearby. Patronized by Guangdong Province, the Nyingchi Hotel is one of the best hotels within the region. The hotel has 74 rooms or suites of varying grades, including standard rooms, triple rooms, suites, executive suites and Tibetan suites. All the rooms are en-suite, having electronic doorlocks, cable TV, International Direct Dialing (IDD), smoke alarms, air-conditioning, and 24-hour hot water. Other facilities that can be enjoyed in the luxury rooms include a code safe, electronic automatic water heater, hair drier, scale, refrigerator and small bar.

Other services that the hotel offers include:
Dining: 6 restaurants (300 people), supplying Tibetan, Guangdong, Sichuan and western dishes.
Amenities: beauty salon, internet bar, tea house, bar.
Business: business center, special shopping market for local specialties and souvenirs.  

Add: No.25, Shuangyong Lu, Bayi New Village, Bayi Town
Tel: 0894-5821300

Mingwang Hotel (3-star)

Mingwang Hotel enjoys an advantageous location in the business sector of the central town. VIP suites, twin bedroom suites, business room and standard rooms can all be found here.

Other services of this hotel include:
Dining: a restaurant building (350 people), supplying Tibetan and Sichuan dishes, as well as the high-class official dishes of Birds' Nest, Abalone and Shark's Fin.
Amenities: Karaoke TV, tea house, automatic mah-jong table, chess table.
Business: multi-functional meeting room (10-100 people), computer service.

Add: No.2, Fujian Lu, Bayi Town.
Tel: 0894-5888899

Nyingchi Shambhala Hotel (3-star)

Nyingchi Shambhala Hotel, with a 6-floor main building, has 62 rooms, including standard rooms, single rooms and luxury suites.

The services that the hotel offers include:
Dining: 13 private dining room (200 people), supplying Tibetan and Sichuan dishes as well as fresh seafood.
Amenities: 10 Karaoke TV room, café, chess & card room.
Business: top and medium standard meetings, admitting 60-70 people.

Add: Qizheng Lu, Bayi Town.
Tel: 0894-5835999

Ying Hotel (2-star)

Ying Hotel, located in the bustling area of the Bayi Town, is a comprehensive hotel offering accommodation, dining and recreation. It has 62 rooms and suites, with luxury, medium or economy standards. 24-hour hot water is provided.

Other services include:
Dining: Both Tibetan and other Chinese food.
Amenities: large dance hall, sauna room, large parking and carwash lot.

Add: No.12, Shuangyong Lu, Bayi Town.
Tel: 0894-5822409.

Nyingchi Post Hotel (2-star)

Nyingchi Post Hotel, located in the golden section of Bayi, is a good choice for comprehensive accommodation, dining, recreation and business. There are 65 standard guest rooms and 5 luxury suites, all with facilities of International Direct Dialing (IDD), cable TV and wall-type air-conditioning.

The services that the hotel provides include:
Dining: 6 small dining halls and 1 banquet hall (100 people).
Amenities: elegant tea house overlooking the Neyang River and Bayi town vista.
Business: shopping center, carwash, laundry, ticket-booking, car rentals.
Add: Cross of Linyin Lu and Hong Kong Lu, Bayi Town Tel: 0894-5889666

New Century Grand Hotel (2-star)

The hotel is designed with luxury, standard and single rooms, with complete facilities of International Direct Dialing (IDD), cable TV and air-conditioning, while additional facilities of Jacuzzi (spa tub) and dual TV are equipped in the luxury suites.

Other services include:
Dining: Sichuan and Guangdong dishes, as well as all standards of banquets.
Amenities: night club, Karaoke TV, tea house, chess table.
Business: small meeting room, electronic business, fax, laundry, airplane ticket booking.

Add: No.13, Shuijing Lu, Bayi Town.
Tel: 0894-5885388

Xueyuan Hotel (1-star)

Lying beside the bewitching Neyang River, Xueyuan Hotel is a good choice for sightseeing and lodging. The hotel has 33 standard rooms, economy rooms and luxury rooms. The services provided include:
Dining: breakfast, midnight snack, Sichuan Dishes and Tibetan Dishes.
Amenities: recreational hall, chess table.

Add: Yanhe Lu, Bayi Town.
Tel: 0894-5828288

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