Nyingchi Attractions
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Nyingchi Attractions

Huge Cypress in Bayi Town, Nyingchi, Tibet

Mild in climate, profound in culture and yet mysterious in its remotest areas, Nyingchi is a paradise for both tourists and expedition-lovers. 

Sightseeing around Bayi Town
A visit to Basum Lake would be the perfect start to leisure sightseeing around Bayi. Located in Kongpo Gyamda County, the lake is not only noted for its religious significance as a holy lake of the Nyingmapa (Red) Sect, but also renowned for its unparalleled natural beauty making it a must-see during a Nyingchi tour. Lamaling Monastery , the largest monastery of Tibetan Buddhism in Nyingchi, is worthy of a visit for its impressive architectural style and exquisite murals as well as the site where Padmasambhava left his footprints. As one of the places where Bon, the indigenous religion of Tibet, originated, Nyingchi also boasts the most significant holy mountain of Bon, Mt. Bon-ri . Picturesque natural scenery as well as remains of religious worships can be enjoyed on the way to its summit, while treks around the mountain will bring a deeper understanding of the Bon religion itself. Moreover, to see the thousand-year-old cypress trees in the Pagqi Huge Cypress Nature Reserve , enjoy the breathtaking spectacle of the azaleas on Seche La Mountain and wander through the tremendous sea of forests surrounding Lunang village should also be included within any schedule.  

Basum Lake, Nyingchi, Tibet

Expedition into the Great Canyon
An expedition down into the Great Canyon of the Yarlung Tsangpo River is not only impressive with its amazing combination of snow-clad mountain peaks and verdant forests, but also for the unique customs and ways of life of its inhabitants, especially those of such minor ethnic groups as the Menpa, Luopa, Dulong and Deng. Pome, Dzayul and Pemako, the only county in China inaccessible by road, are where these nationalities congregate, and also known for their rich natural resources. Near the entrance to the Great Canyon is one of the best places to catch the rare views of Mt. Namcha Barwa, the world sixteenth highest mountain, as well as being the most beautiful mountain in China. Adventurous expeditions into the Great Canyon will undoubtedly create life-long memories.

Pome is endowed with numerous natural scenic areas. Guxiang Scenic Area is a place where man and nature live together in harmony. In the eastern area of the county is the Songzong Scenic Area with Songzong Town as its center. The Yiong National Geopark has the largest oceanic glacier of China. Additional attractions include the administrative centre of the county, Zhamu Town and Pome Moraine Hills.

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