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Guxiang Scenic Area

The Guxiang Scenic Area of Pome, centered on Guxiang Village, consists of several scenic locations blessed with enchanting natural scenery and fascinating cultural sights. It is an ideal destination from which to view the distinctive and charming Pome .
Pass by Kada Bridge in the west of the county and a hill in the northwest and you will arrive at Galang Hamlet of Guxiang Village, which is about 30 km. (19 miles) away from the county seat. The hamlet was the center of the Galang Tribe until 1717. It is said that the Galang Kingdom was founded by a son of Nyetri Tsanpo, the 17th king of Tubo Kingdom, a dynasty which spanned 53 generations before it collapsed. Relics of Galang Palace can still be found in the hamlet and some descendants of the Galang Tribe remain living there today.
Galang Lake, which features in many stories, is another attractive spot in the hamlet. The lake is about 2 sq km. (494 acres) in area, with flocks of wild birds and many fish playing in the water. Verdant forests, abundant grasses and flowers surround the lake with snowy mountains spreading beyond, giving great serenity and charm to the lake. Galang Lake is only a short distance, about 1.7 km (1 mile), from the 318 National Highway. Gu Hamlet, about 35 km. (22 miles) west of the county seat, is another very popular spot to visit from Guxiang Village. The hamlet is the site of another beautiful lake, Guxiang Lake, one of the most well-known fresh water lakes in Southeastern Tibet. In the lake stands Alimila Island, on which can be seen picturesque trees, the remains of a temple and the source of several springs. The lake is also on the 318 National Highway, making it very easy to visit. To the south of Baka Hamlet lies the Gang Nature Reserve. It is on the southern bank of Palong Zangbo River and within the Great Canyon of Yarlung Tsangpo River  National Nature Reserve. The area is abundant in spruces and redwoods, which is rather rare in the world. The dense forests within the area mean visitors need to take care not to become lost or disoriented.
Qiaona Hot Spring, located in Qiaona Hamlet, about 72 km. (45 miles) away from the county seat, is another attraction that should not be missed. The water in the spring is around 86 ℃. (187 ℉), making it a pleasant year round destination. There are extensive plans for the development of the whole Guxiang Scenic Area which will result in it becoming a perfect choice for relaxation, sightseeing and recreation.
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