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Huge Cypress Nature Reserve

Huge cypresses, also known as Yarlung Tsangpo River cypresses for being peculiar to the river area, are commonly seen along the Yarlung Tsangpo River and the lower reaches of the Nyang River. Under national second-class protection, the amazingly old trees (mostly over 100 years old) are mostly found in Pagqi, a village about 10km (6 miles) southeast of Bayi Town, and therefore this area has been designated a regional nature reserve for the huge cypresses.

  Covering a total area of 130 mu (21 acres), the nature reserve was established in 1982 to protect the vast forest of hundreds of huge cypresses. It's not unusual for the trees to reach a height of 30m (98 ft) and a diameter of 1m (3 ft). The king cypress, which is more than 2,500 years old, is nearly 50m (164 ft) high and 5.8m (19 ft) thick. As the largest and oldest tree in the forest, it is believed to be the 'life tree' of Tonpa Shenrab, founder of Bon. The cypress forest is venerated as a holy land by the local Bonpos, and throughout it you can see colorful prayer flags hanging from the trees, as well as piles of mani stones.

 Getting There:
At Bayi Town, you can take direct coaches to Nyingchi County and stop at the Pagqi Huge Cypress Nature Reserve. The usual charge is CNY 5 per person. Hiking is permitted.
Admission Fee:  CNY 10.
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