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Samye Monastery

Samye Monastery, Shannan attraction, Tibet Known as the 'First Monastery in Tibet', Samye Monastery was originally built in 762. Following a series of renovations, the present monastery is more than 4,900 square meters (about 1.2 acres)--a really grand edifice! A pair of fine white marble statues and a large bronze clock are the best known artistic treasures of this famous monastery. Historic documents confirm that the clock, which is inscribed with ancient Tibetan text, was the first clock in Tibet. In the past, when Buddhism was very popular in Tibet, famous lamas of almost every monastery in Tibet came to Samye Monastery to steep themselves in religious doctrine. Thus, Samye Monastery can be said to be the cradle of Tibetan Buddhism.

Vistors to Samye Monastery are overwhelmed by the peaceful atmosphere that surrounds the monastery and makes it a wonderful place where one can escape the hustle and bustle of the modern world. A Xanadu is waiting for you!

Stupa of Samye Monastery, Shannan, Tibet

 Getting there:
You can take a bus or other vehicles to the Samye ferry in Tsedang. From there, you cross the Yarlung Tsangpo River on an auto-boat or a raft. On the other side of the river, a truck will take you to the Samye Monastery. If you take a ferry it will take you about one hour.

There is a small hostel in Samye Monastery for your convenience.

Admission Fee: CNY 40

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